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Yellowstone with kids: BEAUTIFUL

Today is our third and last day in Yellowstone with kids.Tomorrow we will drive to Grand Teton NP. Before we leave this beautiful park we want to visit Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful. Grand Prismatic spring must be the most photographed place in Yellowstone. When you see a picture in a magazine about Yellowstone, […]

Las Vegas with kids

Las Vegas with kids? Yes Las Vegas with kids! There is plenty to do for you and for them. We spend our first nights in Vegas on the camping at Sam’s Town. The kids love the “jungle garden”, waterfall and light show inside the hotel’s lobby. But first, our first night in Vegas didn’t go […]

Holiday in Florida with kids: Florida Keys

Imagine this: Waving palm trees, crystal clear turquoise waters, delicious restaurants, colourful little houses and a lovely, relaxed and laid back vibe… Feeling up for it? Me too! Our holiday in Florida with kids takes us to the Florida Keys. Highway US 1 Despite a few raindrops the drive from Miami to Key West is […]

Camper trip through Florida with kids: Crocodiles, panthers and lots of rain

Rain, rain and nothing but rain is what we are treated to as we continue our camper trip through Florida towards the Everglades. Tomorrow we’re planning on taking an airboat tour through the Everglades in search for crocodiles! For now we are staying the night on a camping in Homestead which we do not recommend […]

​Camper holiday in Florida: Sanibel Island is da bomb!

When you’re planning a camper holiday in Florida, Sanibel Island should definitely be on your “must see” list. Whether you’re travelling with kids or without, Sanibel Island is truly amazing! I love Sanibel Island! Sanibel is just awesome! The endless amounts of rain finally made way for sunshine so we could enjoy this little paradise to […]

Disney World Orlando! The grand finale of our camper trip through Florida

We’re on our way to our next destination already on our super cool camper trip through Florida: Disney World Orlando! It’s a 3,5 hour drive from Sanibel Island to Orlando. Quite a ride for the kids but we’ve prepared everything for along the way; snacks, drinks and the iPad within reach. The ride goes smooth […]

Grand Teton with kids: Bye Yellowstone

Today our amazing Yellowstone with kids adventure ends, but our new Grand Teton with kids adventure starts! We leave for Grand Teton today, it should be a beautiful national park as well. We will be driving about 3 hours (with some stops ) through Yellowstone, before we reach Grand Tetons gates. These two parks are quite […]

Camping with kids: Arches

Gooooooodmorning! Today is the 14th day of our camping with kids RV roadtrip.I love getting up, being able to walk outside in shorts, enjoying my breakfast in the sun. Every morning the kids eat the same: peanut butter sandwich, strawberries and a boiled egg. We choose granola with fresh berries. Today we will visit Arches […]

Driving with kids: Vegas

After a wet night in Moab its “driving with kids” time again: Vegas here we come! As the drive from Moab to Vegas is 6 hours, we will just start driving and look for a campground when we are done for the day. The temperature is rising rapidly, we definitely need a pool tonight. With […]

Our Florida road trip with the camper, what are we going to do?

By the time you read this we’ve been a day in (hopefully) sunny Florida .Preparing ourselves for our 3 week Florida road trip. We’ve been on a road trip through America twice before and we loved it. After the West Coast and Central America, it’s now the East Coast, Florida, it’s turn. We’ve booked our […]