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Exploring Yellowstone with Kids: A Three-Day Adventure

Today marks our third and final day in Yellowstone National Park with kids. Tomorrow, we will embark on a journey to Grand Teton National Park. But before we leave this stunning park, we plan to visit the Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful. The Grand Prismatic Spring is arguably the most photographed place in Yellowstone. When you see a picture in a magazine about Yellowstone, 9 out of 10 times, it’s the Grand Prismatic Spring. Today, we discovered why it’s so popular.

Grand Prismatic Spring: A Surreal Experience

As Yellowstone is vast, you need to drive quite some miles to explore the entire park. Luckily, the kids are used to the driving. Upon arriving at the Grand Prismatic Spring, we were greeted by an unusual smell. Despite this, we were eager to explore the spring. It felt like walking through a surreal world; smoke, an awful smell, warm winds, and the most beautiful colours. The Grand Prismatic Spring is undoubtedly the most beautiful one. The clear blue water surrounded by beautiful yellow, orange, and red colours was a sight to behold. This was the highlight of our Yellowstone with kids trip.

Old Faithful: A Spectacular Show

After our mind-blowing experience at the Grand Prismatic Spring, we headed to Old Faithful. Old Faithful is the most famous geyser of Yellowstone. It blows hot water in the air every 70-100 minutes. The wait was a little long for the kids, but they entertained themselves with newfound American friends. After waiting 20 minutes, a huge pile of boiling water was blown into the air, amazing! Old Faithful can blow up to 32,000 liters, 56 meters up in the air. After the “show,” everybody started to applaud. This was definitely worth an applause.

Yellowstone with Kids: Tips & Tricks

  • Yellowstone is big! If you want to see most of the park, make sure you have entertainment with you for the kids during the long drives.
  • Grand Prismatic Spring is the most beautiful natural phenomenon I have ever seen, make sure you don’t miss it when visiting Yellowstone.
  • If you are less lucky, there is a chance you have to wait quite long for Old Faithful. If you are travelling with (young) kids, make sure you take a stroller, kids/baby carrier, water, snacks and entertainment with you.

Next Stop: Grand Teton National Park

This was already our last day in Yellowstone with kids. I totally fell in love with this place. Tomorrow, we will drive to another beautiful National Park: Grand Teton.

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