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Tips & Tricks

Here you can find all our tips&tricks. We have many more tips, please ask if you have any questions. You probably have many good tips as well, please write them in the comments for other travelling parents.



Mauritius with kids

Mauritius with kids , the most fun things to do

When you think of Mauritius, you probably think of beautiful bounty type beaches, cocktails, super deluxe resorts and honeymooners. We where...

cheap holidays with kids

Cheap holidays with kids, the best travel hacks!

Travelling is an expensive hobby. Travelling with kids is an even more expensive hobby and travelling with kids who are of school age is almost...

Trip around the world with a toddler, where do we go?!

Trip around the world with a toddler, where do we go?!

A BUCKET LIST - That's soooo 2017 we thought. "We", meaning Yuri and Merel, bith 38 years old. And so, on that Saturday night, August 12th at 23:00...

New Zealand with litte kids

New Zealand with little kids, from fun stuff to do to budget tips!

Our honeymoon was supposed to be in New Zealand... Unfortunately it got cancelled at the last minute. So when my son was 3 years old and my daughter...

family friendly hotels in Florida

Top 5 Family friendly hotels in Florida

My husband an I visited Florida together for the first time in 2014. This was a trip we planned on doing again some time. That time was in the...

Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids, 5x the best highlights

Waving palm trees, white sandy beaches, a bright blue sea, drinking from a coconut with a straw, bounty levels are high, lot's of sun, a nice warm...

costs of a camper holiday in France en Spain

10 best camper trip gadgets for a camper holiday with kids

We went on a camper trip through France and Spain with our very own bright-red hippy camper van. What an experience! In three weeks we went from...

weekend trip to pasris with young kids

All the tips you need for a weekend trip to Paris with young kids

City tripping and kids go together perfectly! On Sunday we suddenly came up with the idea to spend a long weekend in Paris with the kids starting...

Suriname met kinderen

Suriname with kids, 5 things you shouldn’t miss!

While we are on the plane to Paramaribo we are reminded again that Suriname with kids isn't something lots of families think of. Family and friends...

Kids Love Travel: child friendly hotels in South Africa

Top 10 Child frienldy hotels in South Africa

Before we had kids I spent 4 weeks travelling through South-Africa from Johannesburg to Capetown. Such an amazing country! We spotted wild animals,...

Kids Love Travel: travelling solo with a toddler

Travelling solo with a toddler, tips & tricks!

Travelling solo with a toddler can be quite exciting.. Will your baby be good, how will you manage all the luggage with only two hands?! I travelled...

Highlights in Genoa

Highlights in Genoa with kids, 10 x must do!

Lotte and I have been to Genoa together for 4 days and 3 nights; leaving Friday afternoon and returning Monday morning. I didn’t know this city...