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Tips & Tricks

Here you can find all our tips&tricks. We have many more tips, please ask if you have any questions. You probably have many good tips as well, please write them in the comments for other travelling parents.



Kids Love Travel: Florida beaches

The Best Places to Visit in Florida with Kids 

Thanks to its abundance of family-friendly attractions, Florida is an ideal destination for family-friendly getaways with kids. Theme parks like Walt...

Kids Love Travel: Croatian Islands

The Best Croatian Islands to Visit with Kids

With diverse offerings to cater to all ages, Croatia is an ideal destination for families with kids. You can stay at family-friendly beaches along...

Kids Love Travel: Travelling Italy

The Best Things to Do with Kids Whilst Travelling Italy

Italy is an exceptional holiday destination for families with kids due to its rich history, diverse landscapes, and family-friendly attractions....

Kids Love Travel: Mountains

The Best Activities for Kids Visiting Switzerland

With its safe, clean, and family-friendly environment, Switzerland is a top destination for families with kids. The country boasts a wealth of...

Kids Love Travel: Spanish Islands

The Best Spanish Islands to Visit with Kids

When embarking on a family vacation to Spain with kids, take them to the Spanish islands. Promising sun, sea, and unforgettable adventures, these...

Visit Kandy Sri Lanka: Kids love Travel

Reasons To Visit Kandy – Sri Lanka

When you are planning to visit and explore a new place, the last thing you want to do is justify the reasoning behind your visit. The same applies to...

the Balearics with kids

Three ways to enjoy the water in the Balearics with kids

Going on holiday as a family is one of the best ways to create treasured and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. The Balearic Islands in...

Kids Love Travel: Prague with kids

Prague with kids, a must do!

A trip to Prague with kids? Absolutely! In fact, there is so much for kids to do, you will need at least a few days or more to enjoy it all. Prague...

Kids Love Travel: 10 days Seychelles with kids

10 Days Seychelles with kids and on safari in Kenya, what a special trip!

In September, a great opportunity suddenly comes along on Skyscanner: tickets to the Seychelles for only 415 EURO pp. I quickly text Kev "Can you...

Kids Love Travel: family friendly holiday parks in the Netherlands

Nice, family friendly holiday parks in the Netherlands; these are our favorites!

I love travelling, preferably as often and as far as possible! I thought I wasn't really a "holiday park person", but the opposite turns out to be...

Kids Love Travel: family friendly hotels in the Netherlands

Family friendly hotels in the Netherlands, our recommendations!

This year could be the year in which millions of Dutch people choose to have a holiday in their own country. And let's be honest, our little frog...

Kids Love Travel: family friendly hotels in Mexico

Family friendly hotels in Mexico, our favorites!

We’ve made a fantastic road trip through Mexico, started on Isla Holbox we drove to Tulum through the Pink Lake, Chichen Itza, Valladolid and...

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