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Tips & Tricks

Here you can find all our tips&tricks. We have many more tips, please ask if you have any questions. You probably have many good tips as well, please write them in the comments for other travelling parents.



Kids Love Travel: holiday with the camper

What are the pros and cons of a holiday with the camper and kids?

We’ve done “it” 3 times now. Three times we’ve been on holiday with the camper and kids! America is one of our favorite destinations when it...

Kids Love Travel: traveling with young kids

Traveling with young kids? 10 must-have items for in your luggage!

It’s pretty obvious we “love it”. What exactly? Traveling with young kids of course! Floris was 7 months old when he went on his first trip to...

Kids Love Travel: Peru with kids

Peru with kids? 5 Highlights you don’t want to miss!

Who says Peru, automatically says Macchu Picchu (one of the world wonders). And just visiting Macchu Picchu is worth visiting Peru with kids. But...

Kids Love Travel: Disney World Orlando with kids

10 attractions you surely may not miss in Disney World Orlando with kids

Our kids really are big Disney fans and so are we! Some parents may get nervous just thinking of a day in a Disney park but I get happy. So when we...

Kids Love Travel: child friendly low budget destinations

Child friendly low budget destinations? Sure!

When your kids are old enough to explore the world with you outside of Europe you might be in for quite a scare. Where you used to be able to...

Kids Love Travel: Vietnam with kids

7 Tips for Vietnam with kids, from crawling through tunnels to sailing Ha Long Bay

In April 2017 we travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Vietnam with the family for two weeks. We travelled from north to south and booked two local flights...

Kids Love Travel: miami with kids

What to do in Miami with kids? From street art to swimming in Roman style.

During our trip through Florida we spent 4 lovely days in Miami. As I wasn’t really impressed by the city last time I visited it, 16 years earlier,...

Kids Love Travel: sightseeing in South Africa with kids

Top 5 Sightseeing in South Africa with kids, fun for everyone?

Every year you face the challenge of finding a fun holiday destination for everyone in the family. Where one may enjoy the setting sun with a...

Kids Love Travel: travel the world for a year with kids

10 Tips to travel the world for a year with kids

Exactly one year ago my husband, our 3 kids and I left to travel the world for a year. Almost 5 months ago we arrived back home from our wondrous...

Kids Love Travel: Adventuring with your kids

Adventuring with your kids, action guaranteed!

Adventuring with your kids often means finding the right balance. As a parent, you want a taste of culture or some nature peace and quiet, but for...

Kids Love Travel: Child friendly beaches in Thailand

Child friendly beaches in Thailand, where to find them?

Are you about to travel to Thailand? You’re most likely to end your trip on one of the many islands in the south of Thailand. After adventuring in...

Kids Love Travel: highlights in Florida

Top 20 things to do in Florida with kids

We’ve been on an amazing camper trip through Florida, The Sunshine State. Florida is a wonderful destination for kids, there’s loads to do!! To...