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Tips & Tricks

Here you can find all our tips&tricks. We have many more tips, please ask if you have any questions. You probably have many good tips as well, please write them in the comments for other travelling parents.



Kids Love Travel: camper trip of 3 weeks through France and Spain

Our camper trip of 3 weeks through France and Spain: a recommendation!

After 3 camper trips in teh USA and 1 in Australia, it’s finally happened: we have caught the camper virus. We caught it so bad, we decided to buy...

Kids Love Travel: 3-week camper holiday in the USA

A 3 week camper holiday in the USA? These are the best routes!

Cruising through the States in a camper gives us a great feeling of freedom and adventure: the best views, broad highways, stops at the biggest...

Kids Love Travel: Sri Lanka with kids

The most fun route for a round trip through Sri Lanka with kids!

After booking our tickets to Sri Lanka, we promise ourselves the following; we are most certainly going to enjoy this country in a relaxed way. And...

Kids Love Travel: Londen met kleine kinderen

The best tips for a long weekend in London with little kids!

When the alarm goes off at 06:30, I can hear Floris calling from his bedroom: LONDON! Yes, today Floris and I are going on a city trip to London....

Kids Love Travel: Lombok with kids

Lombok with kids, all you need to know!

Indonesia is the perfect getaway far from home, for when you are travelling far for the first time with your kids. It’s safe, the distances...

Kids Love Travel Iceland with kids in 7 days

Iceland with kids in 7 days

Iceland, the land of breathtaking nature. A couple of people we know and who have been there were really enthusiastic! So, Iceland has definitely...

Kids Love Travel: Thailand with a baby

17 days Krabi Thailand with a baby! What to bring and what to do?

We fly to Thailand on the 24th of January, for the first time with our son Parker of 6,6 months old. It’s our fourth time to Thailand but the first...

prepare for your trip to the United States

The best tips to prepare for your trip to the United States!

After 6 trips through the USA I can truly say the States is one of our favourites. Why? Particularly because of the diversity the country has to...

Oman with kids

10 Days in Oman with kids, we loved it!

It's November 2018 and we have 2 weeks holiday. We do have certain demands: we don't want to fly to far, we want guaranteed sun, safety and a good...

Camperreis door West-Canada

Camper trip through West-Canada with a toddler: 7 things you shouldn’t miss!

In October 2016 we became proud parents of our daughter Mayla. Before she came into our lives we had visited many places; India, Singapore, Bali,...

Hawaii with a baby

Hawaii with a baby, hell yes or hell no?!

Hawaii has always had a special interest to us and this is because of the surf culture on these islands (wave surfing originated here and we both...

Mauritius with kids

Mauritius with kids , the most fun things to do

When you think of Mauritius, you probably think of beautiful bounty type beaches, cocktails, super deluxe resorts and honeymooners. We where...