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Tips & Tricks

Here you can find all our tips&tricks. We have many more tips, please ask if you have any questions. You probably have many good tips as well, please write them in the comments for other travelling parents.



Kids Love Travel: family friendly hotels in the Netherlands

Family friendly hotels in the Netherlands, our recommendations!

This year could be the year in which millions of Dutch people choose to have a holiday in their own country. And let's be honest, our little frog...

Kids Love Travel: family friendly hotels in Mexico

Family friendly hotels in Mexico, our favorites!

We’ve made a fantastic road trip through Mexico, started on Isla Holbox we drove to Tulum through the Pink Lake, Chichen Itza, Valladolid and...

Kids Love Travel: holiday in Mexico

Going on holiday to Mexico? You should know this before you go!

Our holiday in Mexico was great! Why? Because Mexico truly has everything to offer: overwhelming nature, special Mayan culture, beautiful tropical...

Kids Love Travel: holiday in Mexico

Costs of a holiday in Mexico with kids: what are the costs and how to save on expenses?

This summer we went traveling through Mexico with the kids. We explored Yucatan and Quintana Roo in two weeks. Mexico is such a lovely destination...

Kids Love Travel: Costs of a holiday in Mexico with kids

Yucatan with kids? These are the top 10 things to see and do!

Mexico is a perfect destination when traveling with kids. The country is very diverse and the cuisine is just great. Also, you will find a playground...

Kids Love Travel

Travelling through New Zealand for 7 weeks with kids: South Island

Travelling through New Zealand for 7 weeks! Kim does it with her husband and child. Last week, you could read about their adventures on North Island,...

Kids Love Travel: travelling through new zealand for 7 weeks

Travelling through New Zealand for 7 weeks with kids, what an experience!

Yesssss! We were both able to get 7 consecutive weeks leave from work! That can only mean one thing in our family: travel! We chose a destination you...

KIds Love Travel: Malaysia with kids

Malaysia with kids,a full guide: everything you need to know!

Where does one start when they write their first blog? I wonder out loud who’s really waiting for that? But on the other hand, why not? Like Pippi...

Kids Love Travel: jordan with kids

Jordan with kids, 3x off the beaten track

Jordan. Probably not the first country you think of to visit with kids. But I’m sure you’ll think differently about that after reading this blog....

Kids Love Travel: Ardennes with Kids

Top 5 fun things to do in the Ardennes with kids!

Last year, our new years resolution was to travel every 4-6 weeks. From long distance to close by, as long as we were away. We enjoyed this so much,...

Kids Love Travel: 4x4 through Namibia

With a 4×4 through Namibia, 17 day itinerary for Namibia with kids!

Not too far to fly, nice temperature, not a big chance to catch malaria, in Africa, lot’s of wildlife and safe to travel. It’s decided, we are...

Kids Love Travel: camper trip of 3 weeks through France and Spain

Our camper trip of 3 weeks through France and Spain: a recommendation!

After 3 camper trips in teh USA and 1 in Australia, it’s finally happened: we have caught the camper virus. We caught it so bad, we decided to buy...