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Family Adventure: Exploring Las Vegas with Kids

Las Vegas with kids? Yes, Las Vegas with kids! There is plenty to do for you and for them. We spent our first nights in Vegas at the camping site at Sam’s Town. The kids loved the “jungle garden”, waterfall, and light show inside the hotel’s lobby.

First Night in Vegas: A Little Mishap

Our first night in Vegas didn’t go totally right. As Lotte tried to push Floris out of their bed the last nights, we made two separate beds for them. Lotte on the table and Floris on the couch. Of course, both of them are official beds in our RV. Nevertheless, we heard a “BAM” in the middle of the night, followed by a shrieking Lotte: she fell out of bed. Apparently so hard, she wasn’t able to scream, shrieking was the only noise she could make. Kevin rushes over to her. She looks ok. Kev calms her down and after a while she falls asleep again. In the morning though, we see her lip is heavily swollen, blood around her mouth and a little stream of blood running down her nose.

Medical Emergency: A Visit to the ER

We consulted the receptionist at Sam’s Town RV Park, who advised us to visit a GP. When we arrived there around 08:00 AM they were still closed. We had our breakfast in the RV in the parking and went back again at 09:00 AM. The assistant looked at Lotte, asked her age and told us to visit the ER of the children’s hospital in Vegas. We got in the RV again and drove over there. I am surprised how fast they helped us, totally different from a Dutch ER. Lotte got some general checks, weight, length, heartbeat, before we saw a pediatrician. She examined Lotte and told us immediately she was fine, except for the torn lip. Good! Directly after the diagnosis, we were discharged and led to the “cash desk”. I was totally flabbergasted when I heard we needed to pay 1,500 USD! Healthcare is so expensive in the USA, now I know why health insurance is such a big issue here. Luckily we were well insured back home, so I swiped our credit card and off we went.

First Day in Las Vegas with Kids: A Happy Ending

Driving, seeing doctors took up most of our time today. We had imagined other things to do on our first day in Las Vegas with kids. To end the day in a happy vibe, we took the free shuttle bus from Sam’s Town to Fremont Street. Floris needed some time to get used to all the flashing lights, Lotte was a big fan straight away. After seeing Fremont’s famous “ceiling” Floris was a fan as well. Fremont turned out to be a wonderful end for a hectic day.

Tips & Tricks for Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

  • KOA Sam’s Town is a perfect RV park when travelling with kids, with a pool, free shuttle bus to Vegas’ highlights and close to the RV drop off stations
  • When travelling to the States, make sure you are well insured for medical costs made abroad
  • Fremont Street is amazing for kids as well, the older kids can even enjoy the zip line, that makes them actually fly over Fremont Street

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