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Day 14: Camping with Kids RV Roadtrip

Good morning! Today is the 14th day of our camping with kids RV roadtrip. I love getting up, being able to walk outside in shorts, enjoying my breakfast in the sun. Every morning the kids eat the same: peanut butter sandwich, strawberries and a boiled egg. We choose granola with fresh berries.

Visiting Arches National Park

Today we will visit Arches National Park. It’s only a 5-minute drive from KOA Moab. Arches is known for its amazing arches, balancing rocks, and red mountains. As the kids don’t seem really interested in mountains and rocks, we invented a story about cowboys and Indians living behind the mountains. The park is good accessible with the RV. After the visitor center, you find an overview of all highlights. From this point, you can simply follow the road and stop at every interesting highlight you want to see.

First Stop: Lookout with an Overview of the Park

Our first stop is at the lookout with an overview of the park. The kids are already done with the scenery, don’t even want to get out of the RV. Until… we find out there is an Indian living behind the mountains who screams back Floris his name when Kevin shouts “Floris!”. The kids are out of the RV in 2 seconds to find out what’s going on outside. Kevin shows again there really is an Indian, or is it a cowboy, who screams back to you when you scream at him. The kids are both excited and flabbergasted. Haha the good old echo. The kids are overly excited now and run out of the RV to spot Indians and cowboys at every stop.

Exploring Arches National Park

Arches is beautiful! Especially the arches and balancing rocks are impressive. It’s soaking hot. There are several hikes, but with these temperatures, we decide skipping them is a wise thing to do. At the end of the day, we get an ice cream and look forward to a refreshing jump in the pool. That’s not going to happen: thunderstorms! Within the blink of an eye, the sky turns from sparkling blue to dark grey. Of course, the pool is closed when we reach the camping. Thunderstorms aren’t very good BBQ weather as well. Luckily the local Thai restaurant delivers at the campground as well. This night we enjoy a lovely Thai dinner with a nice cool Budweiser.

Preparing for Tomorrow’s RV Roadtrip

Tomorrow we will be driving a couple of hours again, time for new “camping with kids” adventures. I already give you some tips on driving long stretches with kids. Do you want more tips on driving with the kids? Let me know.

Tips & Tricks for Camping with Kids

  • Like with flying, the iPad is your best friend, make sure the iPad battery is 100%
  • Download videos and games you can view offline as well, check if you can still view them in airplane mode
  • If the kids are sitting right next to each other, get them headphones
  • We make videos/ vlogs of our travels, for you, as well.

Our Day in Pictures at Arches National Park

Excited faces looking for cowboys and Indians

Arches NP

Our RV

Happy faces

Lotte and the balancing rock

Happy camper


Do we hear Indians?

Yes we do!

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