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Embarking on a Yellowstone and Grand Teton Adventure with Kids

Today our amazing Yellowstone with kids adventure ends, but our new Grand Teton with kids adventure starts! We leave for Grand Teton today, it should be a beautiful national park as well. We will be driving about 3 hours (with some stops) through Yellowstone, before we reach Grand Tetons gates. These two parks are quite close to each other and have some similarities as well: snowy mountain peaks and bears!

Preparing for the Journey

After an indoor breakfast, it is sooo cold this morning, we leave Yellowstone early to be able to make some stops along the way. The kids are ready for take off; in their carseats with their Ipads, our Sigg bottles are cooled and filled up with water, we have made some sandwiches and cut some cucumber for the trip, off we go!

Driving Through Yellowstone

During our drive we make several stops to look at the highlights we haven’t seen yet. There is so much to see in Yellowstone, we could have easily stayed here for 3 weeks.

Entering Grand Teton

When driving out of Yellowstone, you drive directly into Grand Teton. The views don’t disappoint at all, wow!! We see mountains with snowy peaks and a clear blue sky. It feels like we are walking through a painting.

Exploring Grand Teton

In Grand Teton you can drive a loop, which covers most of the park. We take our time and take a look at all the highlights. In the afternoon we take a little break at Dornan’s for some ice cream, cappuccino and groceries. I love this place! It looks very sweet with all the wooden buildings and the view from the terrace is magnificent!

Looking for Wildlife

While driving we keep our eyes wide open to spot bears. Unfortunately we don’t see any. I guess chances are bigger when you take a hike. As it was a long day, we drive to our campground for the night: Gros Ventre, a lovely place!

Evening at Gros Ventre Campground

We park our RV in the middle of the forest. Of course we light up the bbq again. After dinner the kids go to sleep and Kev joins a ranger talk about the history of Grand Teton, really nice because of the setting in the dark in the park and the info is really interesting.

Goodbye Grand Teton

As its cold and dark we have a really good night sleep. In the morning it’s still cold, we have breakfast in the RV. When we get ready to leave again Floris screams: Look an elk!. We expect to see deer, but no! Floris is totally right. Next to the RV we see a huge elk! He is as big as a horse and has huge antlers. This is a beautiful goodbye to our Grand Teton with kids trip. Today we will be driving to Moab. If you have more time here its amazing to do any of the short day hikes in Grand Teton. Before you go, dont forget to check if they are suitable for your kids ages.

Tips & Tricks for a Grand Teton Adventure with Kids

  • Check this article if you want to be inspired big time with the most fab pics and want to know the best time to travel Yellowstone and Grand Teton
  • Drive the loop in Grand Teton, if you have time take a hike to see more of this beautiful park
  • Take a break at Dornan’s they have very good cappuccinos and ice cream
  • Spend the night at Gros Ventre campground, they have interesting ranger talks for you and your kids



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