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Kids Love Travel – Travelling with kids

Welcome to Kids Love Travel! We’re travel lovers that still enjoy traveling even though we have 2 kids, a family vacation is so much fun!

Our most impressive travel experience was living and working for a year in Australia before the kids were born. By now we’ve visited every continent with or without kids and we love to share our passion for travelling with you! We take you with us on our travels, share our experiences through our blogs and vlogs and give tips and tricks about travelling with kids. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube and get inspired for your next trip!

We’ve just returned from our family vacation in the USA where we’ve been on a fantastic trip with a camper; we started in Denver, passed through Rocky Mountain National Park, through Custer State Park, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton and Moab all the way to Las Vegas. The highlight of our trip was Yellowstone National Park. The nature and the wildlife (bears!) are amazing.

The kids were very fond of our trip too, especially of the wildlife and loud and flashy Las Vegas. The 18 hour flight with stopover went very well too! Since our return it didn’t take long for the travel itch to creep back and have us looking forward to our next trip, we love traveling with our kids as often as we can of course. To avoid the cold weather in the Netherlands we’d love to travel to the sun this February.

This year’s summer holiday we are thinking of going to Indonesia. Lots of plans! But because we can’t travel all year through you will also find lots of tips and tricks, top ten lists and the best highlights for travelling with kids to different destinations.

I am very curious as to which travels you have made, which travels you would like to make and what tips you have for us! Please let me know.

Travelling with kids is amazing!


Travelling with kids is fantastic!

We love to travel with our kids. What are the do’s and dont’s when you have a long trip ahead of you, how do you make sure your holiday will be a relaxed one? You can find all our tips in the blogs, vlogs and of course on the tips&tricks!

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