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Embarking on a Florida Road Trip: A Family Adventure

As you read this, we’ve already spent a day in sunny Florida, preparing for our three-week Florida road trip. We’ve previously embarked on two road trips through America, exploring the West Coast and Central America. Now, it’s time for the East Coast, specifically Florida, to take the spotlight. We’ve once again booked our trip with Travelhome, a company we trust due to their knowledge about travelling with kids and their fair prices.

Planning a Road Trip with Kids

Traveling with two small children means our travel pace is slower than when it’s just the two of us. We drove about 4000km on our first trip through the States, but that was too much. On our second trip, we covered 3,500km. This time, we plan on doing just 1,500km in three weeks.

Our Florida Road Trip Route

We start and finish in Orlando. Upon arrival, we pick up a rental car and drive ourselves to the hotel from the airport. When embarking on a camper trip in the States, it’s mandatory to spend at least one night in a hotel before picking up the camper. We’ve found that renting a car is less expensive than taking a taxi, and it allows us to buy groceries the next morning before hitting the road.

Exploring the East Coast

After picking up the camper, we drive towards Cape Canaveral to visit the Kennedy Space Center. From there, we head to Palm Beach for some beach time and possibly snorkelling. After two days in Palm Springs, we’re off to Miami for some art deco and more beach time. Depending on the weather, we might visit the Children’s Museum, which is a lot of fun for the kids.

Discovering the South of Florida

Next, we explore the South of Florida, specifically The Keys. We’ll spend the first two days in Key Largo, where we plan to take a trip on a glass-bottom boat. Then, we’ll drive down the South’s most beautiful route to Key West, where we’ll stay a bit longer to enjoy the weather and the relaxed atmosphere.

Adventures in West Florida

We won’t forget the Everglades. We’ll drive there straight from Key West. The kids are keen on seeing crocodiles, so we’ve booked an airboat tour. After this exciting trip, it’s time for sun, sea, beaches, and shell hunting in Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island. We’ll then drive back to Orlando for the grand finale: a two-day visit to Disney World Orlando, complete with a stay at the Disney Resort Camping.

On the last day, it’s time for some adult fun: shopping in Orlando’s enormous malls. We’re excited to embark on this legendary Florida road trip and will keep you updated on our adventures.

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