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Portugal, located on the Iberian Peninsula, is a holiday destination that is both culturally and naturally impressive. With its long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, the country offers beautiful beaches, picturesque fishing villages, and vibrant cities. Lisbon, the capital, is known for its colorful streets, historic tram 28, and impressive landmarks such as the Jerónimos Monastery and the Belém Tower. The city provides a unique mix of traditional fado music, modern art, and a lively culinary scene where visitors can enjoy dishes like bacalhau and pastéis de nata.

In addition to Lisbon, cities like Porto and Sintra are also popular destinations. Porto, famous for its port wine cellars and charming old town, offers breathtaking views over the Douro River. Sintra, located in the hills west of Lisbon, is known for its fairy-tale palaces and lush gardens, such as the Pena Palace and the Quinta da Regaleira. For nature enthusiasts, Portugal also boasts spectacular landscapes like the Peneda-Gerês National Park and the expansive beaches of the Algarve. Whether it’s culture, history, nature, or gastronomy, Portugal has something to offer every traveler.