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United Arab Emirates

Experience an extraordinary family vacation in the United Arab Emirates, a captivating blend of modernity and tradition. Start your adventure in Dubai, where you can marvel at the iconic Burj Khalifa, explore the Dubai Mall, and enjoy thrilling experiences like desert safaris and indoor skiing at Ski Dubai. Discover the cultural heritage of the UAE in Abu Dhabi, visiting the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the cultural district of Saadiyat Island. Explore the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood in Dubai or wander through the traditional souks of Sharjah to experience Emirati life. Relax on pristine beaches along the Arabian Gulf or indulge in water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the stunning Louvre Abu Dhabi or experience the futuristic cityscape of Sharjah’s Al Noor Island.

Indulge in Emirati cuisine featuring aromatic spices, grilled meats, and sweet desserts like baklava and kunafa. Immerse yourselves in local culture by attending traditional dance performances or participating in camel rides and falconry shows. The UAE offers a wide range of family-friendly accommodations, from luxury hotels with water parks to desert resorts and beachfront villas. Enjoy outdoor activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, and sunset cruises along the coastline. Experience the warm hospitality of the Emirati people and discover the rich history and stunning architecture of this dynamic destination. Plan your family getaway to the UAE today and create unforgettable memories amidst the opulence and excitement of this Arabian gem—a perfect fusion of adventure, luxury, and cultural exploration awaits in the United Arab Emirates.


USA with kids: Rocky Mountains

Our RV roadtrip in the USA with kids continues… Again we wake up due to our friend the jetlag. We have breakfast in the sun with a magnificent view of the Snowy Rockies....


USA with kids: Rockies – Cheyenne

Our USA with kids RV roadtrip continues…. As the kids have some trouble with the jetlag, we wake up in another “sleep combination” than we went to sleep in. Half way through the...


USA with kids: Custer State Park

There we go again on our amazing RV roadtrip in the USA with kids. Today we drive from Lingle, after a terrible night due to the honking train (see last blog), to Custer...


USA with kids: yes! Yellowstone

We are almost there, our RV roadtrip in the USA with kids takes us finally to Yellowstone National Park. Are you planning on visiting Yellowstone NP? Make sure to check out these tips...



It’s giveaway time again! What are we giving away this time? A beautiful, sustainable Sigg drinking bottle of Mickey or Minnie. The perfect christmas gift. We love them! They are always in our...


Yellowstone with kids

After an unexpected long drive, we reached Yellowstone National Park yesterday. I believe this is going to be the highlight of our USA trip: Yellowstone with kids! The night is cold, really cold!!!...


Yellowstone with kids: BEAUTIFUL

Today is our third and last day in Yellowstone with kids.Tomorrow we will drive to Grand Teton NP. Before we leave this beautiful park we want to visit Grand Prismatic Spring and Old...


Yes or NO? Ski holiday with young kids?

YES or NO? Ski holiday with young kids…YES, we will!! How do you have a relaxed ski holiday with a 1 and 3 year old? I will share our experience with you on...


Ski holiday with kids: part I

Ski holiday with kids part I: Sick kids? Yes! Snow? No! After one day working very hard to get all our stuff packed (OMG why do we take so much with us?) it’s...


Ski holiday with kids: part II

Ski holiday with kids part II: Can a ski holiday with sick kids and without snow be any fun? Can a ski holiday with sick kids and without snow be any fun? The...


Ski holiday with kids: part III

Ski holiday with kids part III: kids are getting better, snow is getting worse When we arrived we saw white mountains, after a couple of days the trees and mountains look green again....


Thailand with kids

Thailand with kids Thailand with kids? Time for a new trip: 3 weeks travelling Thailand, YES!! I absolutely love it to visit the sun when it’s cold, wet wintery weather back home. This...