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Driving with Kids: From Moab to Vegas

After a wet night in Moab, it’s “driving with kids” time again: Vegas here we come! As the drive from Moab to Vegas is 6 hours, we will just start driving and look for a campground when we are done for the day. The temperature is rising rapidly, we definitely need a pool tonight. With the temperature rising we are very, very happy our RV has a good functioning aircon, which keeps us cool at night.

Keeping Kids Entertained During Long Drives

Driving with kids goes perfect again. They have their Ipads and when they are done looking at the screen, they can look at their mum reading them a book. In our huge RV there is more than enough space to buckle up next to the kids and read to them. We have made little snack boxes for the kids to enjoy during the drive. We have put a sandwich, cucumber, cheezz dipper etc in there. They love watching their Ipads and roaming through their snackboxes. After 4:00 hours of driving we are all done. Luckily we are close to KOA Ceder City, a camping with a pool and playground. With the temperature over 35 degrees celsius, we dive into the pool straight away.

Arriving in Vegas

The next morning our navigation tells us, we only have to drive 1:30 hours, looking at the distance that would be quite a challenge. After driving an hour we find out Vegas is in a different time zone, with one hour difference, We have to drive 2:30 instead of 1:30. As we will be dropping of the RV in Vegas, we have booked a KOA close to the drop off point (only 500 meters): KOA Sam’s Town.

Shopping in Vegas

Before we drive to the camping, we pay the North Premium Outlets a visit first. When you are in Vegas and like shopping, this is the place to go! We totally forget the time and leave 6 hours of full force shopping later with loads of bags.

Staying at Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town is quite an experience. It’s a huge hotel with idem casino. Next to the hotel is a campground. In the hotel/ casino you can find at least 5 restaurants and a foodcourt with McDonalds, Subway and Panda Express. Looking at the amount of flickering lights I have the feeling you can spot this place from space as well.

After a busy day driving and shopping, we have a quiet night. Tomorrow we will explore Las Vegas baby!

Tips & Tricks for Driving with Kids

  • Make a little snackbox for the kids to enjoy, when driving long distances. We fill the box with a sandwich, cracker, raisins, cucumber etc, the kids love their own little box during the drives.
  • Are the kids done with the Ipad? You can also read them a book or play games with them.
  • We bought our kids window stickers for the flight, turned out they loved playing with them in the RV as well.

We made it! Beautiful rainbow. 6 hours of shopping in Vegas.


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