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United States

Kids Love Travel: 3-week camper holiday in the USA

A 3 week camper holiday in the USA? These are the best routes!

Cruising through the States in a camper gives us a great feeling of freedom and adventure: the best views, broad highways, stops at the biggest...

prepare for your trip to the United States

The best tips to prepare for your trip to the United States!

After 6 trips through the USA I can truly say the States is one of our favourites. Why? Particularly because of the diversity the country has to...

family friendly hotels in Florida

Top 5 Family friendly hotels in Florida

My husband an I visited Florida together for the first time in 2014. This was a trip we planned on doing again some time. That time was in the...

Florida Keys with

The beautiful Florida Keys with kids, these are the 10 most fun things to do!

During our camper holiday in Florida we spent a couple of lovely days on the Florida Keys. Even the road that leads to there is phenomenal (and a bit...

Kids Love Travel: Kids Love Travel: family friendly bike tours

5 Family friendly bike tours, from Bangkok to America!

t feels like a typically Dutch thing to do: cycling around from place to place. But did you know you can take bicycle rides in lots of countries?...

Kids Love Travel: tropische eilanden met kleine kinderen

Top 10 Tropical Islands for a family holiday

Sun, sea, the beach and waving palm trees, that’s when I’m the happiest! During winter time I sometimes struggle choosing between the snow or...

Sanibel Island with kids

Top 10 things to do on Sanibel Island with kids! Are you going to Florida?

On our holiday to Florida with the kids, Sanibel Island came as a big surprise. When you’re on a trip through Florida the more well-known spots are...

Kids Love Travel: stedentrip naar Hong Kong

Flying with a baby? These items are indispensable in your hand luggage!

Flying with a baby… A lot of parents start hyperventilating by the thought of it. Being cooped up for several hours in a long metal tube with a...

Kids Love Travel: RVing with young children

What are the most fun destinations for RVing with young children?

RVing with young children is ideal if you want to see a lot on your travels. You take your “little house” everywhere with you, offering the same...

Kids Love Travel: Camper

Top 10 child friendly campgrounds in Florida for your Camper road trip!

We’ve been cruising through Florida for three weeks and loved every minute of it!! Why? Because Florida has lots to offer: aside from the...

Kids Love Travel: holiday with the camper

What are the pros and cons of a holiday with the camper and kids?

We’ve done “it” 3 times now. Three times we’ve been on holiday with the camper and kids! America is one of our favorite destinations when it...

Kids Love Travel: Costs of a camper holiday in the States

Costs of a camper holiday in the States, what does it cost and how to set a realistic budget?

We’ve had three fantastic trips in the USA with our kids. We’ve cruised the West Coast in a camper, we went to mid America (Yellowstone NP, a...