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USA with kids: Rockies – Cheyenne

Our USA with kids RV roadtrip continues…. As the kids have some trouble with the jetlag, we wake up in another  “sleep combination” than we went to sleep in. Half way through the night the sneaky bastards climb into our bed. As it isn’t that big, Kev moves to Floris his (way smaller) bed, sleeping […]

Yellowstone with kids

After an unexpected long drive, we reached Yellowstone National Park yesterday. I believe this is going to be the highlight of our USA trip: Yellowstone with kids! The night is cold, really cold!!! I even see little “clouds” coming from my mouth when breathing. In the morning its all sunny and warm again, perfect for […]

Yes or NO? Ski holiday with young kids?

YES or NO? Ski holiday with young kids…YES, we will!! How do you have a relaxed ski holiday with a 1 and 3 year old? I will share our experience with you on my blog the coming weeks. Looking at ski holidays you are probably a lover or a hater.. We are definitely lovers! We […]

Ski holiday with kids: part I

Ski holiday with kids part I: Sick kids? Yes! Snow? No! After one day working very hard to get all our stuff packed (OMG why do we take so much with us?) it’s time to take off and visit the (hopefully white) mountains of Winterberg, Germany. The car is so heavily packed, I am kind […]

Ski holiday with kids: part II

Ski holiday with kids part II: Can a ski holiday with sick kids and without snow be any fun? Can a ski holiday with sick kids and without snow be any fun? The day after the interval sleeping night isn’t much better. Both kids are ill and have a fever. Luckily we have our family […]

Ski holiday with kids: part III

Ski holiday with kids part III: kids are getting better, snow is getting worse When we arrived we saw white mountains, after a couple of days the trees and mountains look green again. Nevertheless the youngest, Lotte, wants to ride the sledge, so we pull her over green grass followed by some slushy snow. She […]

Thailand with kids, part II: Off we go!

Thailand with  kids, part II: Off we go! Yes!! We are all packed: 2 big suitcases, 1 for the kids and 1 for us, in our hand luggage we have a Deryan tent for Lotte, a stroller with a sleeper option, a diaper bag containing drinks/food/diapers and spare clothes for the kids, a bagpack with […]

Thailand with kids, part V: We love Samui

Thailand with kids: Yes! We fly to Koh Samui today with boutique airline Bangkok Airways. Floris has a window seat, he loves the view. Lotte is sleepig in the comfy baby carrier. Samui’s open-air airport gives you an instant “tropical island feel”. The hotel’s shuttle bus takes us to the resort. We choose a hotel […]

New Zealand with kids: Nelson and more

Making miles Of we go again, continuing our RV roadtrip in New Zealand with kids. Wanaka to Greymouth is quite a drive, with beautiful scenery: the Fox and Franz Josef gletsjer. We stop at the Franz Josef gletsjer for lunch and a stroll around town. To be honest the drive is a little too long, […]

New Zealand with kids: almost time to go home

Dropping off the RV  Today our RV roadtrip in New Zealand with kids comes to an end… We have to drop off the RV. The RV was thoroughly checked, luckily all good. From the rental company we take a taxi back to Auckland to checkin into our hotel. We choose the same hotel where we […]