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Thailand with Kids, Part II: The Journey Begins!

Yes! We are all packed and ready to embark on our adventure to Thailand with kids. Our luggage includes 2 big suitcases, one for the kids and one for us. In our hand luggage, we have a Deryan tent for Lotte, a stroller with a sleeper option, a diaper bag containing drinks, food, diapers, and spare clothes for the kids. We also have a backpack with some essentials for ourselves, a baby carrier, and a little backpack for Floris with some little presents to keep him occupied during our long flight to Bangkok.

Smooth Airport Experience

Grandma takes us to the airport in her car. The car is fully packed, and I squeeze myself in between two car seats. As we already checked in back home, we only need to drop off our luggage and collect our boarding passes. We made a reservation for a baby basket, ensuring we have perfect seats on the plane! All three next to each other and Lotte in the baby basket in front of us.

Flight to Bangkok

We booked evening flights, hoping the kids will sleep most of the journey. Love it when a plan comes together! I even had time to read my book. After their meal, with fries for Floris and a bottle of milk for Lotte, the kids go to sleep and don’t wake up until one hour before landing; awesome! After we land in Thailand, we proceed to the customs. The Thai service is excellent; they have a fast lane for elderly and parents travelling with young kids. We are through the customs within 5 minutes, welcome to Thailand!

Arrival in Thailand

On our way to Schiphol, we were very keen on having the kids safely in their car seats, therefore Grandma drove us instead of taking a taxi. However, in Thailand, the taxis don’t seem to have any car seats for kids. We decide to put Floris between us in a lap belt and Lotte in the baby carrier. The taxi driver drives us to the hotel in 45 minutes. We arrive in the afternoon, having a whole sunny day ahead of us: yeah!!

I already love it: Thailand with kids!

To be continued..

Tips & Tricks for Traveling to Thailand with Kids

  • When you book your flight, don’t forget to ask for a kids meal.
  • Make sure you have a stroller with a sleeper option: Koelstra Simba buggy.
  • If possible, book a night or evening flight ensuring you have a relaxed flight and the kids will arrive rested.
  • Make sure to put your baby carrier in your hand luggage to be able to use it during the flight and for transport to your hotel: Ergo baby carrier.



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