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Embarking on a Ski Holiday with Kids: The Journey to Winterberg, Germany

After a day of packing (why do we take so much with us?), it’s time to head off to the (hopefully white) mountains of Winterberg, Germany. The car is heavily packed, and the kids are comfortably settled in their car seats. We set off around 10:00 AM, expecting to arrive around 2:00 PM. The departure time proves to be a good choice as we encounter minimal traffic. However, the tranquility is short-lived as the kids start coughing, waking each other up. They’re not entirely well, but after a snack and drink, they fall asleep again.

Midway Break and Arrival in Winterberg

Halfway through our trip, just before the border, we take a short break for fuel and restrooms. After a slight detour (reading a map is apparently different from reading your GPS), we arrive in Winterberg 40 minutes later than expected. But the sight of snow, albeit not much, is a welcome one!

Settling into Our Winterberg Home

Upon receiving our key at the reception, we find that our family has arrived as well. Together, we drive to our homes in the snow for the coming week. We quickly unpack the car and settle on the comfy couch, watching the snowflakes fall. However, the kids’ coughing worsens, and they become irritable. A check reveals they both have a fever. We give them a cool bath and call it an early night, hoping they’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.

The First Night: A Test of Patience

Of course, a good night’s sleep is wishful thinking with two feverish and coughing kids. The night is filled with interruptions, from the oldest switching on the light to the youngest refusing to sleep. The hubby aptly calls it “interval sleeping”. So much for our first night on our ski holiday…

Day Two: A Day of Rest

The silver lining is that we’re on holiday and don’t have to do anything. The second day becomes “a stay in bed/couch and relax day”, especially for our sick, sad, and sweet kids.

Continuing Our Ski Holiday with Kids

TO BE CONTINUED..our ski holiday with kids.

Tips & Tricks for Traveling with Kids

  • While travelling long distances in the car, give both kids a bottle of water next to their seats.
  • Try to drive around nap time.
  • If the kids are potty trained, stop every 2-3 hours to give them a pee break.
  • Let the kids choose their favorite toy to take on your trip, instead of packing almost all their toys.

Our chalets in Winterberg Germany


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