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Ski holiday with kids: part I

Ski holiday with kids part I: Sick kids? Yes! Snow? No! After one day working very hard to get all our stuff packed (OMG why do we take so much with us?) it’s time to take off and visit the (hopefully white) mountains of Winterberg, Germany. The car is so heavily packed, I am kind of scary it will break in half. The kids are chilling in their care seats wearing their comfy joggers, hubby is driving and I am craped in the car with a huge bag filled with food between my legs.

We leave around 10:00AM, expecting to arrive around 14:00PM. The departure time is a good choice, we hardly have any traffic jams. After only 10km the back of the car is already sound asleep. This will be a truly relaxing start of our holiday!!

Until… the kids start coughing so loud they wake each other up.. bummer! They are both not entirely well. After something to eat and drink they fall asleep again. As we booked an RV to discover the States in June, I am wondering how this little test trip will go.

Right before the border, half way our trip, we have a little fuel and toilet break. And.. off we go to the snow again. After a little detour, reading a map is apparently different from reading your GPS, we arrive in Winterberg 40mins after our ETA. Yes! We see snow, not that much, but there is definitely some!

Right after getting our key at the reception, we see our family has arrived as well. Together we drive to our homes in the snow for the coming week. We unpack the car in high speed and settle on the comfy couch to drink a well deserved drink while watching the snowflakes falling down. Hmmmm the kids are coughing louder and louder, have wet eyes and aren’t very nice company anymore as they whine all the time. Time to go back to our own home and check how they are doing. The check tells us they both have a fever.. poor kids! We give them a cool bath and make in an early night. Hoping they will be ok again tomorrow after a good night sleep.

A good night sleep, a good night sleep… What were we thinking with two feverish and coughing kids?! Of course 2 sick kids and a sickish mom (contagious apparently) don’t add up to a good night sleep. The oldest comes out of his bed after 2 hours, after 3 hours he manages to get into our bed, he switches on the light in our room after 4 hours (afraid to sleep in the dark is the excuse), 5 hours later the youngest is awake as well, we need to give the oldest something for the high fever after 6 hours, after 7 hours the oldest starts crying because the continuous coughing gives him a very sore throat and after 8 hours the feverish youngest refuses to sleep anymore. The hubby calls it “interval sleeping” quite a good word to describe this night. So much for our first night on our ski holiday…

Positive part is: we are on holiday and don’t have to do anything. The second day will be “a stay in bed/ couch and relax day”. Especially for our sick, sad and sweet kids.

TO BE CONTINUED..our ski holiday with kids.

Tips & tricks:

*While travelling long distances in the car: give both kids a bottle of water next to their seats.

*Try to drive around nap time.

*If the kids are potty trained stop every 2-3 hours to give them a pee brake.

*Let the kids choose their favorite toy to take on your trip, instead of packing almost all their toys 😉

Our chalets in Winterberg Germany

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