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New Zealand with kids: almost time to go home

Dropping off the RV 

Today our RV roadtrip in New Zealand with kids comes to an end… We have to drop off the RV. The RV was thoroughly checked, luckily all good. From the rental company we take a taxi back to Auckland to checkin into our hotel. We choose the same hotel where we started our trip 4 weeks ago. We spend our day relaxing, strolling around town and having a wonderful lunch. We decide to go to the movies in the evening. Happy Feet Two is on, although the kids don’t understand English they love it.

Last day in New Zealand 

This is it, our last day in New Zealand with kids. We have had the time of our lives; the feeling of freedom, spending some much time together and enjoying all the beauty New Zealand has to offer. Our trip was definitely amazing. As much as we dislike going home, there is always an upside. My sister is pregnant of her first baby. She is almost due, I really hope to see her pregnant once more before she goes into labor.

We spend our last day at the harbour; looking at all the boats, having lunch and enjoying one last glass of New Zealand wine in the sun. The rest of the day we buy all the things we need for the flight and our stop-over and start packing our bags. As we had way too many hand luggage on our flight to New Zealand. We want as less hand luggage as possible on our way back. It feels good to have our hands free to help the kids when needed. The kids both have their own “trunki” it’s a little suitcase with wheels on which they can sit as well. We will be going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow we will leave for Amsterdam, but first we will have a stop-over in Taipei.

Tips & Tricks New Zealand with kids

Make sure the last day before you fly isn’t a very busy one, a relaxed start of your flight is important

When it’s raining in Auckland or you are looking for an indoor activity: go to the movies

The trunki is awesome when you are travelling with kids ages 3 and up

New Zealand with kids: trunki

New Zealand with kids: trunki

This guest blog is written by Lonneke, she is living in the Netherlands with her husband Marcel and two sons Thije and Hidde . Lonneke tells us about the amazing trip she made with her family to New Zealand when the boys were 2,5 and 4 years old. 

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