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Planning a Ski Holiday with Young Kids

YES or NO? Ski holiday with young kids…YES, we will!! How do you have a relaxed ski holiday with a 1 and 3 year old? I will share our experience with you on my blog the coming weeks.

Why We Love Ski Holidays

Looking at ski holidays you are probably a lover or a hater.. We are definitely lovers! We love being outdoors in the nature, gliding from the snowy mountains, enjoy a well-deserved lunch, get on the ski’s again and end the day with a beer at the bar. I expect our ski holiday with kids to be a little different… Different not less fun.

Our Skiing Trip with a 1 and 3 Year Old

That’s why we love to go on a skiing trip with our 1 and 3 year old. Yes 1 is a little young to try skiing, but our 3 year old should be old enough to give it a try. My mental picture: we, enjoying the snow on our ski’s, 3 year old is having ski lessons and our 1 year old… Hmmm what should we do with our 1 year old?

Do’s and Don’ts for a Relaxing Week in the Snow

  • Don’t drive/ fly too far
  • Do rent a chalet or cottage on a park with facilities for the kids
  • Do invite family (grandparents), of course because you love having them around and it comes in very handy as they love babysitting the kids

I love it when a plan comes together! We rented a beautiful cottage in Germany. Only a 4 hour drive, with a pool for the kids to enjoy. Of course we hope for lots of snow. Looking at, it should start snowing from Friday onwards. As we are arriving next Monday, it means fresh snow, couldn’t be better!

Packing our stuff the coming days and off we go! Yes! Looking forward to our ski holiday with young kids!

Continued in the Next Blog


Tips & Tricks for a Ski Holiday with Kids

Lotte is ready for our ski holiday


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