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Ski Holiday with Kids Part II: Can a Ski Holiday with Sick Kids and Without Snow Be Any Fun?

Can a ski holiday with sick kids and without snow be any fun? The day after the interval sleeping night isn’t much better. Both kids are ill and have a fever. Luckily we have our family with us on this holiday. They are more than willing to watch the kids as we have to go out for some groceries. To be entirely honest.. If you have very busy kids, the 2 days a year they are ill and want to relax, can be quite enjoyable ;).

White and Green Slopes

I see white and green slopes when I look outside. When I ask the girl at the reception why they don’t turn the snow cannons on, she tells me they don’t work with rain and the temp being +3 degrees…. Hmm that’s sounds quite logical.

A Relax Day

Ok, this will be a relax day. The afternoon turns even more relaxed as one of the kids grandma’s offers to look after the kids, giving us time to do a little nap. Nothing beats a nice afternoon nap!

Evening Delights

We get out of bed a little less tired. The kids are still in the same condition, ill and feverish. As we are looking forward to a culinary meal we decide to order take-away fries and German sausages, love it! With some curry over the sausage, a wine or a beer you have yourself a delicious meal! Right after dinner we bring the little ill humans to bed and treat ourselves to a sauna moment. Quite relaxing; sitting in 80 degrees and sniffing the eucalyptus smell.

Next Day Challenges

Hubby goes for a beer and a poker game to the neighbors (family) after the sauna break, I decide to call in a night. Hmmmmmm not thinking it was possible, this night is even worse than the first night. The word best describing the night is again “interval sleeping” big difference is, there wasn’t any sleeping (not even interval) after 04:00AM, when the oldest vomits (over his dad, which makes it kind of funny) and doesn’t wants to sleep anymore. Around 06:00AM the youngest is awake as well, let’s enjoy our early morning and long day!

What to Do on a Ski Holiday Without Snow?

The snow is melting, the big question is, what are we going to do on the 2nd day of our ski holiday with kids, without snow?


Tips & Tricks for a Ski Holiday with Kids

  • Always take a thermometer and pain killers for kids with you. You can get pain killers for kids abroad as well. Nevertheless it comes in quite handy when your kids run a fever and you don’t have to go to the pharmacy immediately.
  • For Landal Winterberg you can book skis for the whole family here. If there isn’t any snow, you don’t pay.
  • For Landal Winterberg you can book ski lessons for the kids in advance here.

Green & white slopes


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