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Ski holiday with kids: part III

Ski holiday with kids part III: kids are getting better, snow is getting worse

When we arrived we saw white mountains, after a couple of days the trees and mountains look green again. Nevertheless the youngest, Lotte, wants to ride the sledge, so we pull her over green grass followed by some slushy snow. She doesn’t mind at all, looking overly happy!

Luckily the little people are getting better. As Lotte gets very excited by the word “swimming pool” we decide to go. Good decisions, we have one happy baby which results in 2 happy parents. Especially when the happy baby decides to sleep for 3 hours after her “total wear out” swimming trip. Floris is still quite ill and stays on the couch for most of the day.

The pool has a beautiful view on the slopes. While entertaining my baby girl I see some movement from the corner of my eye…. Yes!! The ski slopes are open. Kind of strange as the temp is above freezing point, but who cares; we can finally start skiing! Talking to the guy of the ski rental the news seems less good. Yes the slopes are open, although there is still lots of green and the white parts are slushy and wet. We see people skiing down, gaining speed, coming to an abrupt stop on the grass. As breaking something isn’t on our plan for this week, we decide not to go.

Then what can we do?! Eat! Time for some serious gourmet diner. When our family comes back from visiting a beautiful castle in the neighborhood we start our feast meal. After eating for 2 hours straight we go to our bed with very happy bellies.

Surprisingly this night is better than the night before. Floris wakes up around 3:00 AM and can’t sleep anymore. He entertains us by moaning: I need to pee, I am hungry, I am in pain, I can’t sleep for 2 hours. Finally he falls asleep again and doesn’t wake up until 08:30AM, yes! During the night Lotte wakes up 2 times. In the past she used to call “Dad, Mum out” in a cute way. Since our ski holiday she adds 2 very load and nasty screams to it, if we aren’t in her room within 5 mins.

Times flies when you are having fun! We have already reached our last day in Winterberg. And…. the kids are both finally getting better! We can’t say the same about the snow though.

Unfortunately the last day isn’t very much different from the other days; kids feeling slightly better, still no snow…. Until the day we leave: it snows all night! We depart from a serene white Winterberg in a fully stuffed car, untouched skiing gear in the back. Pretty shitty we couldn’t go skiing once. Nevertheless, we had a really nice ski holiday. Winterberg is a very cosy little skiing town and Landal Winterberg is perfect for a stay with kids!

NEXT STOP: Thailand! To be continued,,,,


If you DO have snow and what to go skiing with the kids;

*Make sure your baby wears a diaper as the ski teacher can’t always reach a toilet on time.

*Leave some candy with the ski teacher which he can share with your kid if he/she feels less motivated.

*When it’s really cold; buy thermic underwear and a forage cap (for under the helmet) for your kids: &

Lotte on the sledge

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