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Embarking on an RV Roadtrip in the USA with Kids

Our RV roadtrip in the USA with kids continues. Once again, we wake up early due to our friend, jetlag. We have breakfast in the sun with a magnificent view of the Snowy Rockies. After a wonderful breakfast, we set off for a day in the Rocky Mountains National Park.

Exploring the Rocky Mountains National Park

Upon entering the park, the ranger recommends us to drive all the way up to the highest point; 12,000 feet. Along the way, we make several stops, the views are amazing. From lush green at lower elevations to snow as we ascend. There are also several trails to walk. As the kids are asleep for the first hour in the park, we decide not to walk any.

Fun in the Snow

When the kids see the snow, they are eager to play in it, so we park the RV for some fun in the snow! It doesn’t take very long for the kids to find out that playing in the snow while wearing shorts and flip-flops is quite challenging. After reaching the top, we drive back to the campground. The kids enjoy themselves at the playground. Our RV is conveniently parked right in front of it, allowing us to watch them from there. We fire up the BBQ again, the steak looks delicious.

Next Stop: Cheyenne

Tomorrow, we will be heading to Cheyenne as it’s on the way to Custer State Park. Nighty night! Our roadtrip in the USA with kids is amazing already!

Tips & Tricks for the USA with Kids

  • Buy a BBQ at Home Depot, we got one (Weber Smokey Joe) for only 30USD
  • KOA and Good Sam often have facilities for kids, like playgrounds and pools.
  • Check if your RV rental company offers discount cards for these campgrounds.
  • If you are visiting Rocky Mountains National Park, drive all the way up to 12,000 feet. The view is amazing, you won’t regret it!

Highlights of Our Trip

Breakfast in the sun

Playing in the snow, Rocky Mountains NP

Marmot, Rocky Mountain NP

Fun in the snow, Rocky Mountain NP


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