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Embarking on an RV Roadtrip in the USA with Kids: Destination Yellowstone National Park

We are almost there, our RV roadtrip in the USA with kids takes us finally to Yellowstone National Park. Are you planning on visiting Yellowstone NP? Make sure to check out these tips & tricks for planning a visit to Yellowstone. Before we leave Cody we pay a little visit to Buffalo Bill Center of the West. As the drive to Yellowstone is only 1 hour, we have some time for a cultural experience.

Experience at Buffalo Bill Center of the West

When we walk to the museum we pass a horse riding school. Floris sees a little brown pony, he would love to make a ride. The cowboy thinks he’s old enough, so there he goes. Rusty is a sweet pony who takes Floris for a couple of rounds on his back. Floris is unbelievably excited and proud of himself. Lotte is screaming at him, as she is quite angry she can’t ride the pony as well. She only has to be patient for another 1.5 year.

It’s really nice to walk into the air-conditioned museum as it’s really hot outside. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West has several exhibitions. The kids run off to the interactive natural history exhibition straight away. Especially the huge grizzly bear, wolves and buffalo get their attention. We enjoy the history of Buffalo Bill. Interesting to see and read how he led his life. There is even a real-life hologram of Buffalo Bill. The kids are watching it for over 10 minutes they are totally confused and excited as they don’t really understand what they are seeing.

Arriving at Yellowstone National Park

Our ride to the gates of Yellowstone is perfect again. It’s amazing, we can’t drive 2 hours with the kids back home before they start screaming. But now they are totally fine and the sweetest kids when we fly for 18 hours or drive for 5 hours. No complaints from us on our trip in the USA with kids ;). When we arrive at the Yellowstone gates, we hear it’s another 1.5 hour drive to Canyon Campground. Kind of gives you a feeling of how big the park is. We will be staying at Canyon Campground for three nights.

Experiencing the Beauty of Yellowstone

The drive to the campground is amazing: lush green grass, beautiful forest, rivers, snowy mountains, bubbling pools and smoke from the geysers. We have travelled quite some countries, have seen lots of beautiful things, still this amazes us big time. Yellowstone is stunning.

The campground is perfect! We have a site under the pine trees with a picnic table and fire ring. In the evening we light up both the bbq and the fire ring, the temperature is quickly dropping. The kids love to play in the forest, they find 50 pine cones in only 5 minutes. We watch them closely as there could be bears on the campground and the kids still have a “one bite height”. After our bush bbq we go to sleep. I love sleeping in nature parks, it’s really dark and quiet. In the middle of the night I wake up shivering. There are little clouds coming from my mouth, it is freezing! I get up to give the kids an extra blanket. Bizarre, during the day it’s 25 degrees Celsius, at night the temperature drops below 0 degrees. But.. who cares!! Its so amazingly beautiful here, I can’t wait to explore the park tomorrow.

I love Yellowstone and I love our amazing RV roadtrip in the USA with kids. Couldn’t be any happier :).

Tips & Tricks for a USA Roadtrip with Kids

  • Don’t forget to visit Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody
  • Canyon Campground is located in the middle of Yellowstone, therefore a perfect spot if you want to explore the whole park and camp on the same place every night
  • Book the National Park campground 6 months in advance
  • Take your time while driving through the park, there are a lots of highlights which are all worth stopping for
  • Don’t leave any food, even not the used bbq, outside your RV, it attracts bears
  • Check this article for lots of Yellowstone info and a one day in Yellowstone itinerary

We made videos and vlogs of our adventures as well, you can find them here.


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