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USA with kids: Rocky Mountains

Our RV roadtrip in the USA with kids continues… Again we wake up due to our friend the jetlag. We have breakfast in the sun with a magnificent view of the Snowy Rockies. After a wonderful breakfast we leave for a day in the Rocky Mountains National Park. When we enter the park, the ranger […]

USA with kids: Rockies – Cheyenne

Our USA with kids RV roadtrip continues…. As the kids have some trouble with the jetlag, we wake up in another  “sleep combination” than we went to sleep in. Half way through the night the sneaky bastards climb into our bed. As it isn’t that big, Kev moves to Floris his (way smaller) bed, sleeping […]

USA with kids: Custer State Park

There we go again on our amazing RV roadtrip in the USA with kids. Today we drive from Lingle, after a terrible night due to the honking train (see last blog), to Custer State Park, home of the buffalo! I am really excited and wondering if we will actually see any. But first… it’s Father’s […]

USA with kids: yes! Yellowstone

We are almost there, our RV roadtrip in the USA with kids takes us finally to Yellowstone National Park. Are you planning on visiting Yellowstone NP? Make sure to check out these tips & tricks for planning a visite to Yellowstone.    Before we leave Cody we pay a little visit to Buffalo Bill Center […]

Yellowstone with kids

After an unexpected long drive, we reached Yellowstone National Park yesterday. I believe this is going to be the highlight of our USA trip: Yellowstone with kids! The night is cold, really cold!!! I even see little “clouds” coming from my mouth when breathing. In the morning its all sunny and warm again, perfect for […]

Souvenirs what’s allowed and what not?

During our road trip through America we’ve visited some amazing places. Sanibel Island is definitely at the top of our list, a small island just off the coast of Fort Myers, the West Coast of Florida. Sanibel Island is well known for its shelling. It’s what? Shelling; looking for sea shells. When you have young […]

Camper holiday with kids, our last days in Animal Kingdom & Epcot

Oh no! Our amazing camper holiday with kids in Florida has almost come to an end. But before we return home we still have 2 beautiful days ahead! Our second day in Disney World is spent in Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Both parks are new to us so we’re very excited to see what they […]

To the States: flying with kids

Oooooooh yes!!! It’s almost time….. for our RV family roadtrip in the USA! We will be travelling from Denver to Las Vegas in a huge 30ft RV, you can have a look at our travel plan here. We will be visiting all the amazing national parks, with exception of the ones we already visited in […]

USA with kids: Amsterdam to Denver

Finally! Time for our big USA with kids holiday adventure. Normally when my alarm goes off at 05:00AM I am not that happy, today I am! We packed all our luggage yesterday, this morning we only need to shower, get dressed, check our hand luggage and, quite important, wake up the kids. They do not […]

USA with kids: Denver to the Rockies

Our RV roadtrip through the USA with kids, continues… As we woke up so early, we have plenty of time to visit the Wallmart for some groceries (only the ones that don’t need a refrigerator). The taxi takes us there. All Walmarts are open 24/7, I love it! When we arrive around 0700AM its not even […]