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Embarking on an RV Roadtrip Through the USA with Kids

Our family adventure across the United States in an RV continues. Waking up early, we had plenty of time to visit Walmart for some groceries. The convenience of 24/7 opening hours is a real bonus. After stocking up on essentials, we had time for a swim before our RV pick up at 1:00 PM.

Dealing with Unexpected Hurdles

Just as we were about to head to the pool, we realized that Kevin’s phone was missing. It had been left at the breakfast table and unfortunately, it was stolen. We had to report it to the police and block the phone. Despite this setback, we were ready to go by 4:00 PM.

Setting Off on Our Adventure

After a quick stop at Walmart for fresh food, we discovered that we were missing half of our bed linen. A quick return to the pick up point resolved this issue and by 5:00 PM, we were finally on our way. Our first campground was located right next to the entrance of the Rocky Mountains National Park. The stunning views of the mountains from our RV were a fantastic end to a long day.

Tips & Tricks for a USA RV Trip with Kids

  • Before making an RV reservation, check if there is space for children’s car seats. We needed two car seats and found only two RV rentals suitable.
  • Try to reserve the car seats when booking the RV. If your rental company doesn’t offer car seats, consider bringing your own or buying them online from Walmart and having them delivered to your rental location.
  • An iPad can be a lifesaver during long waits or long stretches on the road.
  • Don’t forget to check your bath and bed linen before setting off.

Enjoying the Campground and Anticipating the Rockies

Our first campground near the Rockies was a hit with the kids. They enjoyed the playground while we relaxed in the RV, anticipating our exploration of the Rocky Mountains National Park the next day.


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