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Exciting Family RV Roadtrip: Denver to Las Vegas

It’s almost time for our much-anticipated RV family roadtrip across the USA! We will be journeying from Denver to Las Vegas in a spacious 30ft RV. You can check out our detailed travel plan here. Our itinerary includes visiting all the breathtaking national parks, except for the ones we already explored in 2013. This holiday promises to be unforgettable! We booked our trip through Travelhome, an RV-specialized tour operator known for their competitive prices and excellent service. They even have experienced staff who have embarked on RV trips with their own children and can answer all your queries. But before we hit the road, we have to tackle flying with kids…

Traveling the States with Young Kids

We are set to traverse the States with our two young children: Floris, 3 years old, and Lotte, who will be 2 years old in July. How are we planning to manage this? Well, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this trip for about 6 months. My enthusiasm has rubbed off on the kids, who are equally excited about our RV family roadtrip. Floris often daydreams about our upcoming adventure. When asked what he’s thinking about, he replies, “Our holiday in the States with the big bus”. When asked what we’ll do in the States, he says, “Watching koala bears”. Well, minus the “koala”, he’s spot on!

Flying with United from Amsterdam

We will be flying with United from Amsterdam, with a transfer at Chicago on both our outbound and inbound flights. Given the long hours of flight, I’ve gathered some useful tips for flying with kids:

Tips & Tricks for Flying with Kids

  • Window stickers! Kids can entertain themselves for hours sticking them on the airplane windows.
  • Ipad! At home we have “Ipad watching rules”, but in the plane, we don’t. Just ensure to check what the kids can and can’t watch when the Ipad is on airplane mode.
  • Give them their own little backpack with snacks: cucumber, crackers, cookies, and so on.
  • Request for kids meals when making your reservation.
  • Bring a Cuddle Bug travel pillow for the kids, useful for both sleeping and playing.
  • Sigg drinking bottles are sustainable, beautiful, and very easy for your kids to use during the flight.

Without a doubt, this RV family roadtrip is going to be an adventure of a lifetime. Stay tuned for more updates!


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