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Camper holiday with kids, our last days in Animal Kingdom & Epcot

Oh no! Our amazing camper holiday with kids in Florida has almost come to an end. But before we return home we still have 2 beautiful days ahead! Our second day in Disney World is spent in Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Both parks are new to us so we’re very excited to see what they have in store!

Animal Kingdom & Epcot

Our Holiday in Florida has almost come to an end. In two days we’ll be flying back to the Netherlands but first we have another day of Disney Magic planned in Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Zoo meets amusement park. My expectations of Animal Kingdom are not very high but as soon as I walk through the gates I’m rather impressed, what a beautiful park! Because of all the plants, trees and animals it feels like I’m in the middle of the jungle of Thailand or Africa, depending on where I am in the park.

For Floris and Lotte this is the perfect combination! One minute they’re eye to eye with an elephant and the other minute they’re in a boat, sailing through the magic world of Pandora. We’re especially impressed by the Na’vi River Journey and Kilimanjaro Safaris. Flo and I even go into Dinosaur but that turned out a bit too scary and even caused a few tears (with Flo ;).

In the afternoon we take the bus from Animal Kingdom to Epcot. Lotte really wants to see Elsa & Anna. At Frozen Ever After the queue is too long but the queue at the meet and greet is only 30 minutes so Lotte can have her picture taken with her Frozen friends.

Best tip: the fastpass

If you’re planning a trip to Disney be sure to use the fastpass! It’s no extra charge and you can reserve timeslots at the rides through the app or website. You can use 3 fastpasses per day, per park so just in one park a day. We used our fastpasses on day 2 for Animal Kingdom so we couldn’t use any for Frozen Ever After in Epcot.

A visit to Walt Disney World is an amazing experience! When you’re on a camper holiday with kids (or without kids) this really is a must do! Be sure to take out at least 2 days or more if you really want to explore the park.

Best camping close to Disney World

At the end of the day we drive happily but exhausted to our next camping KOA Kissimmee. The camping is a 15 minute drive from Disney World and is the best choice for just that reason. The camping has a lot of facilities for (young) children too: a pool, a playground and a giant bouncy cushion. Unfortunately the last two are closed during our stay because a pipeline has sprung under the playground, but the best thing according to Lotte and Floris are the Mickey shaped lights on the camping. They even want to have their picture taken with them.

We end our beautiful Disney days with a nice BBQ and while Kevin and I finish our second steak (we need to empty the freezer), Floris and Lotte are roasting marshmallows on the fire.

Shop till you drop

The final day of our camper holiday with kids has arrived and is dedicated entirely to… shopping!! That’s right, Kev loves shopping too, possibly even more than me. A man working in fashion does have it’s perks ;). And because the kids are used to a “shop marathon day” on holiday, they tag along nicely. We visit Premium Outlets in Orlando. Our shopping spree starts at 11:00hrs and around 21:00hrs we are packed with bags at Denny’s, ending our wonderful holiday in style.

Bye Bye USA

The next morning we race to the outlet mall to get an extra suitcase (we couldn’t fit all of our new shopping in the suitcases we brought), just before we bring back the camper at Cruise America. We are treated to wonderful service again as we hand in our camper! Renting a camper at Cruise America really is a treat. Besides good prices they offer great service which is just the perfect combination! We order an Uber at Cruise America which takes us to Orlando Sanford. The costs are about half the price of a regular taxi so don’t forget to install the Uber app on your phone.

The check in goes well and before we know it we’re aboard the plane. We make a quick stop at Miami Airport where we’re allowed to remain seated while more passengers board the plane, and the flight to Amsterdam is a walk in the park. Lotte starts off a little cranky and even threatens to chuck her peas… But she calms down soon and after dinner the kids fall fast asleep. We are even able to close our eyes too for a couple of hours before we land in Amsterdam.

It’s a wrap, our lovely camper holiday with kids in Florida has come to an end. We’ve had an incredible time! So now what? Now I’ll be hatching a new plan for our next trip J.

As we loved the USA’s East coast we might look into this roadtrip along the East Coast for next year.

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This article “Camper holiday with kids, our last days in Animal Kingdom & Epcot”,  is sponsored by Disney and KOA. 

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