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USA with kids: Rocky Mountains

Our RV roadtrip in the USA with kids continues… Again we wake up due to our friend the jetlag. We have breakfast in the sun with a magnificent view of the Snowy Rockies. After a wonderful breakfast we leave for a day in the Rocky Mountains National Park. When we enter the park, the ranger […]


It’s giveaway time again! What are we giving away this time? A beautiful, sustainable Sigg drinking bottle of Mickey or Minnie. The perfect christmas gift.  We love them! They are always in our hand luggage while travelling and the kids take them to school as well.   What do you need to do to have a […]

Thailand with kids

Thailand with kids Thailand with kids? Time for a new trip: 3 weeks travelling Thailand, YES!! I absolutely love it to visit the sun when it’s cold, wet wintery weather back home. This will be our first trip with 2 kids instead of 1. Lotte is 7 months (Floris’s age when we visited the USA), […]

Thailand with kids, part VI: last days

Oh no! Our holiday in Thailand with kids, comes almost to an end. We pack up our stuff for a day in the car, after breakfast. We are planning to visit the big buddha temple, Wat Khunaram, Wat Plai Laem and the Namuang waterfall. Lotte sits in her plastic maxicosi and Floris sits in the regular […]

5 Reasons to visit Mexico with kids

Its almost time to decide where to go on your next holiday! We love dreaming about new destinations, exploring new places. When travelling with your family, especially with young kids, not every destination will be suitable. Luckily for us there is still plenty to choose from. Together with the travel experts of MexicoKids we love to show […]

Las Vegas with kids: helicopter flight

Our amazing USA RV roadtrip with the kids has almost come to an end.. only three days to go. We will make sure the days to come will be awesome! What’s in our program: enjoying Mandalay Bays enormous pool/ beach, exploring the Las Vegas Strip, shopping at Caesar’s Palace and.. saving the best for last: […]

Long distance travels with kids, travelling through your kids eyes

Always a fun topic at random birthday parties: long distance travels with kids … Whenever we share our travel plans with friends or family we always hear the same thing: “what’s in it for him, he won’t remember any of it when he gets older”. From colleagues that discovered travel fever way back I often […]

Cape Verde with kids: Sunny with waving palm trees

After the plane has landed and the suitcases have rolled from the conveyor belt, the moment has finally arrived: our holiday in Cape Verde with kids is about to begin! A good holiday starts with a wonderful hotel Riu Funana is just a 20min drive from the airport in Sal. When we walk into the […]