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Long Distance Travels with Kids: A Memorable Adventure

Long distance travels with kids is often a hot topic at gatherings. Whenever we share our travel plans with friends or family, we often hear: “what’s in it for him, he won’t remember any of it when he gets older”. From colleagues who discovered the travel bug long ago, we often get similar reactions. For instance, “Travelling far with kids? Kids would much rather be at a camping site in the south of France where they can make friends and enjoy swimming.” While that’s fun and everyone should do what feels best for them, it’s also true that travelling to faraway destinations can create fond and lasting memories for your kids. Our own kids are living proof of this.

Preparing Kids for Long Distance Travels

Kids do not prepare themselves in detail for a trip. They don’t read up about where they’re going and often have no idea what route is taken to get there. This can be quite refreshing. They just board the plane with an open mind and find themselves in situations or encounters without any judgement.

I’ll never forget the impression the Grand Canyon made on us. The immense size, the depth, and the outstretched view were breathtaking. At the end of the day, I asked my 3-year-old son what he liked best that day. His answer? “The squirrels mum.” Travelling can be that simple.

Memorable Experiences from Travelling with Kids

  • My colleague Sindy taught her 4-year-old daughter snorkelling. The colourful fish in the water made a big impression.
  • Our colleague Marloes went on a trip to Thailand with their sons of 3 and 5. The elephant sanctuary was a huge hit with the boys.
  • The daughters of Leonie, another colleague, are 15 and 18 years old. They had enlightening conversations with students from Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

Did you know how pineapples grow when you were a child? Or how tortillas are made? We teach those kinds of things to our kids during our travels. They experience first-hand how it is to live on the other side of the world by seeing, tasting and smelling. And of course, we also hope they learn to appreciate life at home because coming home to ‘hotel mum’ after a long trip is not that bad…

Discover the World with RiksjaKids

Would you also like to discover the world, enjoy long distance travels with kids? With RiksjaKids we visit destinations you can travel to safely and where English or Dutch speaking partners are ready for you on the spot if you need any help or have any questions. Our travels are made individually but you might enjoy the company of another family briefly. You’re not part of a group but you have contact with other travellers with kids. You won’t find large touring cars with us but you can travel by your own car, by plane, train or minibus (with private driver). We want you to feel free during your travels so you can adjust your trip to your liking. From our own travel experiences with (young) kids we know how important that is.

This “long distance travels with kids” guest blog is written by the travelling mums of Riksjakids.


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