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Embarking on a Family Holiday in Cape Verde

After the plane has landed and the suitcases have rolled from the conveyor belt, the moment has finally arrived: our holiday in Cape Verde with kids is about to begin!

A Wonderful Start at Riu Funana Hotel

Riu Funana is just a 20-minute drive from the airport in Sal. Upon our arrival, we’re greeted warmly and checked in swiftly, a testament to the friendly nature of Cape Verdeans. After a brief introduction to our surroundings, we receive the well-known “all-inclusive” wristbands and are escorted to our room. This week, we’re looking forward to a relaxing holiday with no traveling, cooking, or cleaning. The all-inclusive concept seems to fit perfectly to our demands.

Delicious Meals and Fun Activities

We are lucky to have arrived during lunch time. The buffet restaurant offers a pleasant surprise with its wide selection. The afternoon is spent at the children’s swimming pool with a playground, an ideal combination for a family holiday in Cape Verde. In the evening, we return to the buffet restaurant for dinner. The kids have a separate bedroom adjoined to our room, ensuring privacy and peace for us while keeping them nearby.

Sun, Relaxation, and Happiness in Cape Verde

Our first full day in Cape Verde starts early, with the kids up and chatting by 6:00 o’clock. We walk in the sun to the restaurant for breakfast, enjoying the pleasant change of weather (25 degrees and sunny) in comparison to back home. After a wonderful breakfast, we settle at the pool again for a relaxing day.

Dealing with Sickness on Holiday

In the afternoon, our daughter Lotte gets a little weepy and her head feels warm. Luckily, we brought a thermometer and paracetamol, which prove their worth on the second day already. We take her out of the sun and hope for a quick recovery.

Tips and Tricks for Visiting Cape Verde with Kids

  • Riu Funana is very child-friendly; offering a children’s swimming pool, playground, child seats, baby beds, and an extensive mini club program for kids aged 4-12 years.
  • Room 7052 is located near the pool as well as the restaurant and consists of two adjoined bedrooms.
  • If you’ve booked a holiday package but don’t want to drive by all the other hotels in the transfer van, grab a cab. It only costs €12.
  • Always bring your thermometer and child paracetamol.

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