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Thailand with kids, part VI: last days

Oh no! Our holiday in Thailand with kids, comes almost to an end. We pack up our stuff for a day in the car, after breakfast. We are planning to visit the big buddha temple, Wat Khunaram, Wat Plai Laem and the Namuang waterfall.

Lotte sits in her plastic maxicosi and Floris sits in the regular belt with 4 towels under his bum. Luckily its fairly easy to drive at Samui. There are only a couple of roads, therefore a small map will do the work. Floris feels very proud, sitting is his “adult belt” smiling all the way. The big buddha temple is our first stop. As my shorts are too short, I rent a long skirt to cover up my legs. I have been reading to Floris last months. A story of a little girl visiting Thailand. When he sees the temple he remembers the book, saying: “Mum when we visit Buddha we have to be silent and take off our shoes”. He is totally right! Apparently big buddha isnt the big attraction, we are… Walking around Thailand with 2 blond, blue eyed kids is an adventure on its own. Everywhere we come the kids are cuddled and kissed, the visit to this temple isnt any different. After the temple we take a little smoothy break, with some baby fruit for Lotte (bought in the supermarket on Samui).

We cruise all day, making several stops at all the highlights. At Namuang there is an elephant rescue “hospital”. Floris is allowed to feed the elephant a banana… He is very excited, maybe a little scared as well and in the end very proud of himself, after feeding the elephant. There is a hike to the first plateau of the waterfall as well. It starts with an exciting 4×4 drive, bringing us to the start of the trail. Lotte is in her baby carrier with Kev and Floris walks next to me. We walk accross small bridges and slippery rocks, all on our flipflops. On one hand its a big adventure for Floris on the other hand it is definitely more the kind of hike for hiking boots. As we reach the first plateau, we see a very small waterfall… no spectaculair sights there.. Hmmm we kind of could have guessed this before our hike, as it is very dry last weeks. Nevertheless it was a beautiful hike and a cool experience for Floris.

The kids fall asleep immediately after we get in the car, ready to go back to our hotel. Floris uses the diaperbag as a pillow, diaperbags always come in handy ;). As we park the car right in front of the McDonalds, Floris magically awakens. He is more than happy to see “the clown”. We have a fun dinner especially when Floris shows us the french fries fit his nose as well.

All 4 of us sleep really well after a busy day like this. We have to leave for Bangkok when we wake up the next morning. Lotte chats all flight while relaxing in the baby carrier with Kev (kind of strange as Kev sleeps all flight). Floris takes a little nap as well. Arriving in Bangkok we take a taxi to the hotel, ready to enjoy our last 2 days in this amazing city!

We are going to explore the city by bike on our last day, I love it already! Floris sits in a bicycle seat, Lotte stays in the baby carrier. The bike ride takes us through Chinatown, we make stops at temples and take the boat to the other side of the city, where we have lunch. We discover a whole other Bangkok after our lunch. With beautiful residential areas, ricefields and very small bicycle paths over the water. When we end our bike tour, we decide to bring a last visit to shopping mall Siam Paragon, to do some last minute shopping.

All nice things come to an end. We have to leave for Amsterdam today. We booked a night flight, hoping the kids will sleep… And they do! They sleep all night and behave so well, we even receive compliments from the flying staff. When we arrive home we put the kids to bed, as they have to get through the whole day. Waking them up after 1 hour isnt much appreciated. Luckily for us they go to bed early tonight night and dont wake up till next morning, bye bye jetlag.

Our trip to Thailand with kids was definitely amazing! The kids loved it and we did as well. Thailand with kids is highly recommended by us!

Tips & Tricks Thailand with kids

Flying backhome from Thailand with kids? Adjust directly to the new timezone upon arrival. If they really need to sleep, let them have a 1 hour power nap.

Highly recommended: hire a car in Samui to explore the island.

Explore Bangkok by bike! Co van Kessel. Reserve child seats if necessary.

Take your baby carrier with you in the airplane.

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