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Planning Your Next Family Holiday: Why Mexico is an Excellent Choice

It’s almost time to decide where to go on your next holiday! We love dreaming about new destinations, exploring new places. When travelling with your family, especially with young kids, not every destination will be suitable. Luckily for us there is still plenty to choose from. Together with the travel experts of MexicoKids, we love to show you why Mexico with kids is an excellent choice.

1# Direct Flight Accessibility

Most parents do not particularly look forward to a long flight. Sometimes kids behave perfect all flight, enjoying themselves with an iPad, watching movies and playing games. As we all know there is also a fair chance the kids won’t behave, putting you in the position to “sshhhh” all flight. Therefore a direct flight makes the air travelling at least a little more comfortable, not having to switch planes, packing all your stuff twice and drag your kids through more than one airport.

2# Safety and Beauty in the Touristic South of Mexico

Let’s get it out of the way: lots of people think of drugs and violence when thinking of Mexico. Luckily Mexico is a huge country. The south of Mexico, where most tourists spend their time, has hardly any violence nor drug related criminality. Here you find Yucatan peninsula, almost 2500 km from the US border. Yucatan is stunning; little colonial villages, old Maya temples and beautiful beaches.

3# Variety of Activities

You can explore Yucatan by car in two weeks. As Yucatan has lots of different things to do, you can visit temples, explore nature, have wonderful Mexican meals, relax on the beach and so on. While exploring Yucatan by car, make sure you take the time to stop at the amazing little yellow villages and rivers with flamingos on the way.

4# Freedom to Explore Yucatan in Your Own (Rental) Car

Roads are good, signage is clear… why not drive yourself around Yucatan? For us driving a car is the best way to explore Mexico with kids. You are totally free to decide what you are going to do on what time. Are the kids sick of driving? Make a stop. Do they really want to swim? Make a detour to the nearest beach! Everybody hungry? Make a stop in one of the villages to enjoy a wonderful Mexican lunch, don’t forget to top it with a delicious ice cream.

5# Authentic, Cozy Hotels with Family Rooms

The hotel rooms in Mexico are very diverse; colorful posada’s, colonial hacienda’s, luxury beach resorts, you can find hotels in many shapes and sizes. We especially love the little hotels, run by the owner, who gives you the feeling of being at home. Many hotels have family rooms, two rooms next to each other with a door in between.

We love Mexico with kids! Do you feel like going there as well?

This is a guest blog of the MexicoKids travel experts, part of tour operator RiksjaKids. Do you want to visit Mexico with kids? Check out our tour: Explore Mexico with kids. This tour is specially made for families with kids, combining adventure with comfortable lodging.


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