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Camper trip through Florida with kids: Crocodiles, panthers and lots of rain

Rain, rain and nothing but rain is what we are treated to as we continue our camper trip through Florida towards the Everglades. Tomorrow we’re planning on taking an airboat tour through the Everglades in search for crocodiles! For now we are staying the night on a camping in Homestead which we do not recommend […]

A weekend of Efteling with kids: Loonsche Land!

When I wake up Friday morning I can already hear the Efteling tune ‘Carnival Festival’ coming from Floris’ room… That’s right, it’s time again for a weekend in the Efteling with kids. Floris is all set and when Lotte opens her eyes her first word is “Efteling!” Both kids are ready now. After we’ve packed we head […]

New Zealand with kids: off we go!

We are leaving tomorrow We are looking forward so much to our holiday in New Zealand with kids!! Or scheduled time of departure is 02:00PM, destination: Bangkok. Love it!! Everything is packed and checked in. Now we have time for a nice glass of wine while we wait to board the plane. We fly 4 […]

USA with kids: Cody

Our USA with kids RV roadtrip takes us to Yellowstone National Park… Almost to Yellowstone National Park.. Today we drive from Buffalo to Cody. We didn’t really plan to spend a night in Cody, but when we found out the drive to Yellowstone is quite long, we decided to stop in Cody as well. I […]

Ready for take-off: Hong Kong city trip!

O M G…. those of you that have followed Kids Love Travel for a while now know that we don’t have the best track record when it comes to the spring holiday and the health of our family. We have been to Thailand with a very sick Flo (pneumonia), to Winterberg with a sick Lotte […]

Day 7 & 8: Enjoying Disneyland Hong Kong and back to Amsterdam

Yes, we’ve arrived at day 7 of our Hong Kong city trip with kids. So what’s on the menu for today (and tomorrow)? That’s right, Disneyland Hong Kong!  Can’t miss this when visiting Hong Kong with kids.   Day 7 When the alarm goes my first thought is “oh no!” We have to leave our beautiful and luxurious […]