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Embarking on a Weekend Adventure at Efteling with Kids

When I wake up Friday morning, the Efteling tune ‘Carnival Festival’ is already echoing from Floris’ room. That’s right, it’s time again for a weekend in the Efteling with kids. Floris is all set and when Lotte opens her eyes, her first word is “Efteling!” Both kids are ready now. After we’ve packed, we head on to the sunny south; Loonsche Land, the new holiday park of Efteling.

Exploring Loonsche Land

The new holiday park of the Efteling is nestled in the heart of the Loonse Duinen and exudes an enchanting atmosphere. The park features a main building, a restaurant, several hotel rooms, and a variety of houses in different shapes and sizes. From forest huts with tent sail walls to wooden houses on stilts, we have a charming cabin near a small lake with an obstacle course next to it, right in front of a children’s farm with a slide. It couldn’t have been a better spot!

Experiencing Efteling with Kids

While it’s true we’re here because the kids are huge Efteling fans, I have to admit, I’m a huge fan myself! As a true ‘Brabo’, I used to visit the Efteling multiple times a year as a child. Back in those days, kids still went on school trips to the Efteling and we used to queue for 2.5 hours for the Python with the whole class.

Now, I’m in the Efteling with my own kids. Our first stop is Symbolica, the latest attraction of the park, built in honor of its 65th jubilee. We only have to wait a short while before we can enter. Floris is a little scared at first but this changes quickly. I like it straight away! Without giving away too much, it’s a beautiful ride, interactive and very “fairylike”, I love it! After Symbolica, the kids get to choose what we do next:

  • Carnaval Festival ride
  • Monorail at the people of Laaf
  • ‘De Oude Tuffers” classic car track
  • ‘Fairytale Forest’

We end the day with a delicious pancake in the new ‘Polles Kitchen’ restaurant where Pardijntje even joins us at the table. This is the best day ever for the kids!

Restful Nights in Efteling

It’s great that we only have to walk 15 minutes to our cabin after an amazing day in the Efteling. With Flo on Kev’s neck and Lotte in the pram, we’re there in a jiffy. Our cabin is wonderful; filled with all the supplies one could need, an amazing view over the lake, and a bunk bed for the kids. We settle ourselves on the sofa with a glass of wine and some snacks. A lovely ending to a lovely day!

More Efteling Fun!

Such a privilege, we have 2 more days of Efteling left. First, we let the kids play on the grounds of Loonsche Land. In the park, there are different little (water) playgrounds and even a watchtower. After some fun, we take the small train from the holiday park to the Efteling, very handy! We go in Villa Volta, Polka Marina, Panda Dream, fishing, basketball and ‘pull a prize’ where we actually pull a prize! In the afternoon, we go for a nice and easy boat ride on the Gondoletta and decide to go in Carnaval Festival TWICE before we head on home.

Efteling with Kids: The Last Day

On our last day, we make sure we’re in the Efteling at 9.30 because as a guest in one of the holiday parks, you get to enter the park 30 minutes before it officially opens. I really want to go on Symbolica again before we go home and seeing as we’re there anyway, we go in the Droomvlucht and the kids want to go on the monorail at the people of Laaf for the third time and in Carnaval Festival for the 4th time! One of the last stops is the ‘oliebollen’ stand and then finally we stop at the gift shop. Floris gets a nice pair of Pardoes slippers and Lotte gets a Jet cuddly toy.

By the time we leave the park, Kev and I both have the feeling we have had a week’s holiday. The Efteling truly is a place of wonders, we had an amazing weekend. We’ll surely be back next year for another weekend in Efteling with kids!

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