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Embarking on a USA RV Roadtrip with Kids: A Stopover in Cody

Our USA with kids RV roadtrip takes us to Yellowstone National Park… Almost to Yellowstone National Park. Today, we drive from Buffalo to Cody. Initially, we hadn’t planned to spend a night in Cody, but when we realized the drive to Yellowstone is quite long, we decided to make a stopover. I must say, we were pleasantly surprised.

Arriving in Cody

After a couple of hours on the road, with Fireman Sam keeping the kids entertained, we arrive in Cody. It feels like stepping into a western movie. Having had great experiences with the kid-friendly KOA campgrounds, we decide to spend the night at the KOA in Cody. Unfortunately, we’re met with bad news at the reception – they’re fully booked. Worse still, all the other campgrounds in Cody are full too. So, what do we do now?

Deciding Where to Stay

After a family crisis meeting, we’re left with two options: drive to Yellowstone and spend the night somewhere along the way, or stay on an overflow site. The overflow site is an offer from the KOA lady. It means we can spend the night on a tent site instead of an RV site. This means no electricity, hence no air conditioning, and it’s 35 degrees Celsius. Fearing that driving for a few more hours with the kids won’t make them any happier, we decide to stay at the KOA overflow site. With no air conditioning, we rush to the pool, which has a special children’s pool. After a refreshing swim, the kids enjoy themselves at the playground and even on the air pillow. I don’t think campgrounds can get any more kid-friendly than this.

Experiencing the Rodeo Capital of the World

Looking at the sign above the road, Cody is the “rodeo capital of the world”. As the kids would love to see the cowboys at the rodeo, we decide to go tonight. KOA offers a free shuttle service to the rodeo, which is perfect. When we arrive at the arena, Floris wants to have his photo taken with the cowboys and rodeo clowns. It’s quite a happening, with tough cowboys everywhere, huge bulls, horses, all kinds of entertainment for the kids, and of course, hotdogs and pretzels. The kids are totally enjoying themselves.

Enjoying the Rodeo Show

The rodeo starts with a parade, and the kids are overwhelmed with everything they see and hear. Lotte turns out to be a very enthusiastic “clapper”, even clapping at the appropriate moments. After 30 minutes, both kids fall asleep, which is quite unexpected given the crowd’s constant screaming and clapping. Kev and I are impressed by the cowboys’ horse riding skills. There are even 7-year-old kids riding horses like they’ve been doing it for 25 years. Impressive! When the show ends, the shuttle bus picks us up again and brings us safely back to the campground.

Looking Forward to Yellowstone

This was an amazing and busy day! We all fall asleep within 5 minutes. Tomorrow, we will finally arrive in Yellowstone. I am so excited! I have the feeling Yellowstone could be the highlight of our USA with kids RV roadtrip!

USA with Kids RV Roadtrip Tips & Tricks

  • Book your campground ahead
  • KOA Cody is super kid-friendly
  • Visit the rodeo, it’s quite a happening. Our kids loved it!
  • Check the vlogs & videos of our adventures

To be continued…


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