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USA with kids: Rockies – Cheyenne

Our USA with kids RV roadtrip continues…. As the kids have some trouble with the jetlag, we wake up in another  “sleep combination” than we went to sleep in. Half way through the night the sneaky bastards climb into our bed. As it isn’t that big, Kev moves to Floris his (way smaller) bed, sleeping […]

USA with kids: Buffalo

We leave Custer State Park early in the morning, again a beautiful day of our USA with kids RV roadtrip. As we want to take our time for the driving as well, we will be driving to Yellowstone National Park in 2 days. Our first stop will be Buffalo and the second stop Cody. Both […]


We use our Sigg bottles all the time on our USA RV roadtrip with the kids. The kids have special kids bottles, we have the grown up version. I took the kids bottles on the plane with us, as they keep the water cool and don’t leak. As our bottles are a little bigger, we put them in our […]

Las Vegas with kids: helicopter flight

Our amazing USA RV roadtrip with the kids has almost come to an end.. only three days to go. We will make sure the days to come will be awesome! What’s in our program: enjoying Mandalay Bays enormous pool/ beach, exploring the Las Vegas Strip, shopping at Caesar’s Palace and.. saving the best for last: […]