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Embarking on a USA Roadtrip with Kids: Custer State Park to Yellowstone National Park

We leave Custer State Park early in the morning, marking another beautiful day of our USA with kids RV roadtrip. As we want to take our time for the driving as well, we will be driving to Yellowstone National Park in 2 days. Our first stop will be Buffalo and the second stop Cody. Both are little towns with a rich wild west history.

First Stop: Buffalo

After a good night’s sleep, the kids are getting used to the new timezone. We enjoy another breakfast in the sun and leave for Buffalo. The drive will take us approximately 3.5 hours. The kids entertain themselves with the iPad most of the time. I am still surprised they are happy to watch the same show (Fireman Sam) over and over again. Kevin loves driving the huge, 30ft, RV. He is even considering changing careers to bus driver in a couple of years.

We reach Buffalo around noon. As our experiences with the KOA campgrounds are very good, we decide to stay on KOA Buffalo as well. It turns out to be a good choice. They have a playground and pool. Especially the pool feels very much necessary with these temperatures.

Exploring Buffalo

We take a refreshing plunge straight away and refreshing it is… The water is really cold! After our refreshing break, we explore the city center. It feels like walking through the film set of a western movie. I expect Indians and cowboys to appear any moment. In the center, you can find Occidental Hotel, the oldest authentic hotel of Buffalo. We go inside and have a look around: wow! The interior is still from the wild west days. As we explore the building we even see the saloon which has, of course, real-life cowboys sitting at the bar. Now our wild west experience is complete. Floris is totally blown away by all the impressions, he can’t talk about anything else than Indians and cowboys all day.

Next Stop: Cody

Tomorrow we will continue our USA with kids roadtrip to Cody, the city famous for its rodeo. Luckily for Floris, another town in the “wild west”.

Tips & Tricks for a USA Roadtrip with Kids

  • If you visit Buffalo with an RV and kids, go to the KOA, they have a pool and playground. Kids loved it.
  • Pay a visit to the Occidental Hotel, the kids, and you as well, will feel part of a western movie.
  • Don’t drive from South Dakota (Custer) to Yellowstone in one day when driving with kids. The drive to your campground in Yellowstone will take approximately 7.5 hours.


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