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Experience the Convenience of Sigg Bottles on Your Travels

We use our Sigg bottles all the time on our USA RV roadtrip with the kids. The kids have special kids bottles, we have the grown up version. I took the kids bottles on the plane with us, as they keep the water cool and don’t leak. As our bottles are a little bigger, we put them in our checked in luggage. I have written down our experience with the Sigg bottles, as they are a really good gadget for all your travels. I am so enthusiastic I would love you to try them as well. Therefore, in cooperation with Sigg, you can win two kids bottles. What should you do in order to have a chance on winning?

How to Win Sigg Kids Bottles


Our Experience with Sigg Bottles During Travel

Before our flight I filled 2 little backpacks with all kind of small things to entertain the kids, of course the Sigg bottles were in there as well. I love the  kids bottles as they keep the water cool at all times and don’t leak. The kids love them as well as they come in all kinds of nice sizes and shapes. Floris has one with Junglebook and Lotte one with a little lion on it. The bottle has a special mechanism to close it, so it won’t leak at all. Floris is very proud he can open and close it himself, driving his sister (who can’t yet) insane.


After the security check at the airport, we fill up the bottles with water in the toilet. I always want to have my own bottles of water on the plane, not wanting to wait on the service for a drink. Using a reusable bottle makes us environment friendly us well.

Using Sigg Bottles on Our RV Roadtrip

In the RV we use all the bottles, ours as well, all the time. The weather is smoking hot! We keep the empty bottles in the fridge, filling them with cool water before we start driving. This way it keeps our water cool for the whole 5 hour drive. The kids have their bottles with them while driving as well. Sometimes one of their Sigg bottles flies through the RV, during a little tantrum,  I am surprised they aren’t even scratched. Of course we take them with us during hikes as well. Our toughest hike was only 2 hours, but in 40 degrees celsius. When I needed some water I was surprised it was still cold. In the evenings I wash them up, although if the RV would have a dishwasher I would have put them in there.  They are really easy to clean.

All in all I am a fan of the Sigg bottles. Therefore I would love you to try them as well! Take a shot, hopefully you will win!



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