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City trip to Hong Kong with kids, looking forward to it!!

Just one week to go before we leave on our city trip to Hong Kong and I’m looking forward to it so much! I’ve been in Hong Kong 8 years ago for a couple of days when I was travelling to Australia and loved the city with its “east meets west” atmosphere. On one hand […]

Ready for take-off: Hong Kong city trip!

O M G…. those of you that have followed Kids Love Travel for a while now know that we don’t have the best track record when it comes to the spring holiday and the health of our family. We have been to Thailand with a very sick Flo (pneumonia), to Winterberg with a sick Lotte […]

Day 7 & 8: Enjoying Disneyland Hong Kong and back to Amsterdam

Yes, we’ve arrived at day 7 of our Hong Kong city trip with kids. So what’s on the menu for today (and tomorrow)? That’s right, Disneyland Hong Kong!  Can’t miss this when visiting Hong Kong with kids.   Day 7 When the alarm goes my first thought is “oh no!” We have to leave our beautiful and luxurious […]

Review Dorsett Wanchai Hotel Hong Kong with kids

During our city trip in Hong Kong with kids we stayed at the Dorsett Wanchai Hotel Hong Kong for four nights. To give you guys a good impression of what this fun hotel has to offer I’ve listed our experiences for you in this “review Dorsett Wanchai”. Review Dorsett Wanchai hotel    Location Dorsett Wanchai is […]

Review Hyatt Sha Tin, Hong Kong with kids

During our city trip in Hong Kong with the kids we spent two nights at the beautiful Hyatt Sha Tin! To give you a good impression of this hotel I’ve written a review about this beautiful hotel. Check out this “review Hyatt Sha Tin”.  Review Hyatt Sha Tin Location Let’s start with the location: Hyatt […]