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Embarking on a City Trip in Hong Kong: Day 1-2

Join us as we navigate the first couple of days of our city trip in Hong Kong! Our itinerary is packed with city exploration, pink dolphin spotting, playground testing, and public transport trials.

Day 1: Overcoming Jetlag and Exploring the City

Our city trip in Hong Kong begins with a smooth flight with Cathay Pacific from Amsterdam to Hong Kong. After a one-hour taxi drive, we arrive at our first hotel: Dorsett Wanchai on Hong Kong Island. Despite an initial wait for our room, we manage to fill our time with a hearty breakfast and some relaxation in the lobby.

Exploring the City

After a refreshing nap, we set out to explore the city. Our centrally located hotel allows us to easily access the bustling part of Wanchai Station, filled with shops, markets, restaurants, and spas. We end our day with a relaxing foot massage and a taste of local cuisine.

Day 2: Spotting Pink Dolphins, Exploring Kowloon, and Playtime

Day 2 of our city trip in Hong Kong commences with an early start and a dolphin tour. We set out to spot the rare pink dolphins, with only 43 of them still alive in the waters around Lantau.

Spotting Pink Dolphins

Despite a slow start, we eventually spot a group of pink dolphins near the boat. The sight of these rare creatures swimming past us, blowing water from their holes, and diving into the deep is truly a sight to behold.

Exploring Kowloon

After the dolphin tour, we explore Kowloon Park, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. We end our park visit with a trip to the playground and a walk past the flamingos.

Experiencing Public Transport

We decide to take the subway back to Hong Kong Island using an Octopus card. Despite the challenge of navigating the subway with a buggy, we manage to make it back to our hotel, stopping by Times Square for a quick bite.

Our day ends with a hilarious encounter with a plate of chicken feet and a visit to a nearby playground. As we retire for the night, we look forward to another day of our city trip in Hong Kong.

If you’re considering a city trip in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate! It’s a magnificent city, and we can’t wait to share more of our adventures with you.

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