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Review Dorsett Wanchai Hotel Hong Kong with kids

During our city trip in Hong Kong with kids we stayed at the Dorsett Wanchai Hotel Hong Kong for four nights. To give you guys a good impression of what this fun hotel has to offer I’ve listed our experiences for you in this “review Dorsett Wanchai”.

Review Dorsett Wanchai hotel 



Dorsett Wanchai is located nice and centrally on Hong Kong Island. It’s about a 10 minute walk to Causeway metro station from where you can reach the whole city. It’s also a ten minute walk to downtown Hong Kong or to Times Square where you’ll find looooot’s of shops, malls, bars and restaurants.

There’s a park with a playground and a skate track across from the hotel. At the end of each day we went to the playground so the kids could run and clamber around. Near the playground is a bar where you can eat and have drinks, the perfect combination! The horse race track Happy Valley Racecourse is just around the corner too, so if you like this kind of thing be sure to pay them a visit.

I needed a hospital during our visit and as it turned out a good international hospital was also just a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai



Dorsett Wanchai is a 4.5 star hotel and when you enter you notice straight away that the Dorsett Wanchai is no ordinary hotel, and I mean in a good way. The design is quirky and has some fun twists. You’ll find lamps that look like birdcages with fake birds in them for instance and you’ll find comfortable Victorian-like armchairs and sofas. I had a rather boutique feeling with the establishment even though they have no less than 454 rooms.

You can rent all kinds of rooms, from superior 2 bedroom ones to a 4 person deluxe family room or even a set of four special suites; The Ocean suite (a lot of fun for kids), a Sony 4K 3D experience suite, an OSIM massage suite and the Jockey suite.

Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai

The room

We stayed in the deluxe 4-person family room with two queen-size beds. The room is not very large with 32 m2, but it’s large enough for the four of us, 2 suitcases, a stroller and 4 backpacks.

Our room number was 2321 and the view over the city from this room was absolutely phenomenal!!!!

Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai

The room had all kinds of fun “gadgets” for the kids too. You’ll find 2 kiddy bathrobes next to the adult ones for instance and they had pink and blue kiddy slippers next to ours.

For some reason our kids are always drawn to the drawers and cabinets in our hotel room like magnets. Dorsett Wanchai did something fun with that! In the fifth drawer that Floris pulled open he pulled out a bag of sweets that had a note attached to it reading: “Tadaaa.. You have a gift. Now that you’ve found me, feel free to enjoy!”

The Dorsett Wanchai has a mobile storybook library too that you can have delivered to your room so you can read your kids a nice story when you put them to bed.

Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai


The hotel has a shuttle that can take you to different central locations in the city, very useful! They also have a fitness area and a restaurant of course. We only used the restaurant for breakfast which was fine. It wasn’t an exceptionally large breakfast offer but they have everything you need. You can have your eggs made by the chef and the kids had a peanut butter sandwich and a banana. You can also have breakfast cereal, an English breakfast (bacon, eggs & sausages etc.) or a Chinese breakfast (noodles, dumplings etc.).

Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai

The hotel has good WiFi in the rooms and the lobby too. They have a “26 hours at Dorsett Wanchai” policy. This means you can stay for 26 hours in the hotel instead of 24 when you book for a day. So you’re checking in at 12.00 o’clock? You won’t have to check out before 14.00 o’clock, sweet right? And last but certainly not least… they have a “candy bar”!! Every evening between 18.00 and 19.00 o’clock you get to pick some delicious candy from here.

Kids Love Travel: review Dorsett Wanchai


Overall review Dorsett Wanchai Hotel

All in all the Dorsett Wanchai is a fine choice when you’re looking for a child friendly, centrally located, well priced hotel. We paid € 162, – a night for a 4-person family deluxe room including breakfast in February.

Overall rating:

Location             ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Room                 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Facilities                   ♥ ♥ ♥

Child Friendly           ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall                      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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This article “Review Dorsett Wanchai Hotel Hong Kong with kids” is sponsored by Dorsett Wanchai Hotels Hong Kong. 


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