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Review Hyatt Sha Tin, Hong Kong with kids

During our city trip in Hong Kong with the kids we spent two nights at the beautiful Hyatt Sha Tin! To give you a good impression of this hotel I’ve written a review about this beautiful hotel. Check out this “review Hyatt Sha Tin”. 

Review Hyatt Sha Tin


Let’s start with the location: Hyatt Sha Tin is located in the district Sha Tin, just a 20 minute drive from Hong Kong Island or the airport. The MTR is just at a minutes’ walk, station “University”. For Hong Kong standards it’s reasonably quietly located near the Chinese University. From this location you’re able to discover a completely different and less touristy part of Hong Kong. You can pay a visit to the Monastery of the 10.000 Buddha’s for instance, or visit Kam Shan Park where you can spot wild monkeys. How about going for a bicycle ride along the river (be aware Hong Kong has a 1 person per bike law so kids have to be able to properly ride their own bicycle) or fancy a ferry trip to one of the islands for a hike? Never a dull moment in this region!

Kids Love Travel: review Hyatt Sha Tin


Hyatt Sha Tin is a large hotel with 500+ rooms. When you enter the hotel you’re immediately overwhelmed by the large entrance. This hotel looks spacious and luxurious. The guests are a mixture of local families that are on a short holiday break, University professors, couples that are there for the spa and regular business people of course. The establishment of the hotel is modern and luxurious and this shows in the rooms too. There are a lot of different rooms, aside from the option of choosing between short- and long stay (long is more than 14 days). Here’s a selection of the type of rooms: twin beds, king bed deluxe, studios and different kind of suites.

Kids Love Travel: review Hyatt Sha Tin Kids Love Travel: review Hyatt Sha Tin

Our room

Our room is not just an ordinary room, it’s a suite, and a pretty sweet one too 😉 We have a living area with a couch, a kitchen table and chairs, a kitchen, separate toilets, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an amazing view!

The kids spent the first 15 minutes running from one room to the other and eventually settled down at the kitchen table for some drawing. What a lovely, spacious and fully equipped room. We’re spoiled with 2 bedrooms so we let the kids sleep in their own room. The first night Lotte sleeps in her bed but we let her sleep in the Deryan on the ground again the second night. She gets pretty wild in her sleep and rolls out of bed otherwise.

Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen


This hotel is a resort, and for good reason! Let’s start at the restaurants, 5 in total: Sha Tin 18, Café, Patisserie, Tin Tin Bar and the Pool bar. We enjoy our breakfast in the Café. They have loads of choice!! You can find everything here. Kev is happy with a delicious cappuccino and Floris and Lotte can have pancakes for breakfast.

Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen

On the second day we had lunch in Sha Tin 18. This restaurant has won multiple prizes and after we’ve been there I totally understand why. The kitchen serves Dongguan and North Chinese cuisine. This makes for a varied menu. We start our lunch off with dim sum of steamed crab and dumpling vegetables, followed by a traditional Peking duck which we eat in the traditional way too. The duck is followed by stir-fried beef with okra and Chinese basil, stir-fried tofu with green beans and pine nuts and Dongguan stir-fried rice vermicelli with shrimp and pork.

We end this culinary party with some wolfberry pudding and osmanthus flower. Everything tastes delicious, even the duck, and I’m not even a big duck fan! If you’re wondering if the kids were eating all of this delicious food nicely along with us the answer is; certainly not. They had fries with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

And hey, you can give yourself a treat every once in a while right? Hyatt Sha Tin has a good spa too, the Melo Spa, where they offer all kinds of treatments. They even have treatment rooms, or suites really, with 2 massage tables and a huge Jacuzzi with a nice view of the water and the city. Here you can have a nice massage as a couple and go and relax in the Jacuzzi afterwards, now doesn’t that sound luxurious?

Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen

The hotel has a large pool too. They’ve created lanes for people to swim straight lines in and you can frolic and play around in the rest of the pool. The same goes for the separate child’s pool. The pool is covered in green, making you forget you’re in the busy city of Hong Kong where millions of people live.

Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen

In the garden you’ll not only find the pool but Camp Hyatt too. This is the kid’s club of Hyatt Sha Tin with a nice little playground. All kinds of different activities are organized here where your kids can participate in for a fee. Floris and Lotte participated in a keychain creating workshop. In an hour they made their very own keychains with special paint under the supervision of a very friendly Camp Hyatt lady. When the keychains are finished they get a small bag each, which they get to decorate too. When they’re standing outside again with both of their bags clutched in their hands they look very happy indeed. You can arrange all the activities through the reception of the fitness area.

Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen Kids Love Travel: Disneyland Hong Kong met kinderen

The whole back area of the hotel is a garden. While we were there they were organizing all kinds of team building activities for different groups of colleagues. You can find the tennis courts there too or rent bikes to go cycling along the river.

Overall review Hyatt Sha Tin

Are you looking for a hotel that’s not in the middle of busy Hong Kong and do you enjoy a bit of luxury and delicious food? Then the Hyatt Sha Tin is a fine choice for you! You can book rooms starting from about € 170, – per night and a suite with 2 bedrooms is about € 450, – a night.

Location             ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Room                  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Facilities                     ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Child friendly             ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall                        ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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