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Experience the Freedom of a Camper Road-Trip Across the USA

Embarking on a camper road-trip across the United States offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and adventure. Imagine soaking in the best views, cruising along broad highways, making stops at the largest Walmart stores, and hiking through awe-inspiring nature reserves. This is the quintessential American experience!

We’ve had the pleasure of exploring the west coast, the east coast, and central USA on our camper road-trips. Each journey was unique and perfectly suitable for children. Our kids, Floris and Lotte, were between the ages of 7 months and 4 years old when we embarked on these adventures. We’re excited to share with you three routes for a three-week camper holiday through the USA.

Embarking on a 3-Week RV Adventure in the USA: Exploring the Stunning West Coast

Our first family adventure took place when our son Floris was just 7 months old, and our daughter Lotte was yet to be born. Many questioned our decision to embark on such a journey with a baby, questioning the feasibility of long-haul flights and extensive travel. However, our love for travel knows no bounds! Our incredible journey began in Los Angeles and concluded in the vibrant Sin City, Las Vegas. From pristine beaches and awe-inspiring natural landscapes to eccentric cities, our 3-week RV holiday was a treasure trove of experiences. Here’s the exact route we took:

Planning a 3-Week Camper Holiday in America: The Best Routes

Embarking on a camper holiday in America? Here are the best routes to take for an unforgettable 3-week journey.

Route 1, the beautiful West-Coast

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1. Los Angeles

Start your journey in Los Angeles. After picking up your camper, take some time to load everything in and get organized. Your first stop should be Walmart to gather provisions. It’s a busy day, so take it easy and don’t drive too far.

2. Santa Barbara

Next, head to Santa Barbara via Highway One. This route offers breathtaking ocean views at every turn. However, with a camper, plan to stopover for at least 2 nights during the Highway 1 route from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

3. Carmel/Monterey

4. San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing city that requires at least one day to explore. We recommend choosing a campsite outside of the city and taking an Uber into the center.

5. San Francisco

6. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is incredibly overwhelming with its diverse greenery, huge rock formations, and towering trees. Spend a couple of days here to fully explore the park. We recommend camping on a site in the park and taking hikes in nature.

7. Yosemite National Park

8. Yosemite National Park

9. Death Valley

Death Valley is a bizarre and very hot place. In the camper, even the faucet gives warm water when you want cold. Be sure to check if you’re allowed to enter Death Valley with a camper before you go.

10. Death Valley

11. Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is a less known park, but certainly worth a visit! The colored rock formations are impressive and there’s a small campsite in the middle of the park.

12. Zion

Zion is a must-visit! Book a campsite in the park beforehand to avoid ending up outside. Here, you can go on hiking trips and enjoy beautiful waterfalls, rock formations, and overwhelming nature.

13. Zion

14. Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is another must-visit. The extraordinary landscape with the well-known hoodoos is very impressive. Here, we recommend going on a beautiful hike.

15. Bryce Canyon

16. Page

Although a little off-route, Page is worth a visit. Why? Because of Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Each is very different and both are impressive and exceptionally beautiful.

17. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is truly ‘Grand’! This impressive area can be explored by foot, cycling, driving, or by helicopter. Take your pick.

18. Grand Canyon

19. Exploring Las Vegas with a Baby

Visiting Las Vegas with a baby for the first time can be an exciting adventure. Contrary to popular belief, this vibrant city has a plethora of attractions suitable for kids!

20. Discovering Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just about casinos and nightlife. It’s a city that offers a variety of family-friendly activities and attractions that can make your visit memorable.

21. Departure: Las Vegas

As your trip comes to an end, you’ll leave Las Vegas with a treasure trove of memories and experiences. This city truly has something for everyone, including the youngest members of your family.

Route 2 a 3-Week Camper Holiday in Central USA

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Our bucket list adventure began with a dream to visit the Yellowstone National Park. After seeing the Grand Prismatic Spring grace the cover of National Geographic magazine countless times, we decided it was time to witness this natural spectacle with our own eyes. Our journey started in Denver and concluded in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Here’s how our trip unfolded:

1. Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes)

Our first stop was a campsite at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park, approximately 150km from Denver. This location was ideal for a short ride on the first day.

2. Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes)

Driving the camper during the summer, you might find yourself amidst snow in your slippers. The route, however, is absolutely breathtaking!

3. Discover Cheyenne

Make a worthwhile stopover at Cheyenne as you journey through…

4. Explore Custer State Park

If you’re a fan of buffalos, Custer State Park is a must-visit!

6. Experience Buffalo

From the buffalos in Custer State Park to the place named Buffalo, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Wild West!

7. Visit Cody

Our last stop before Yellowstone is Cody, where we witness the world-famous rodeo where cowboys and cowgirls showcase their skills.

8. Marvel at Yellowstone National Park

Finally, we arrive at Yellowstone National Park! We’ve booked a campsite in the park and plan to visit all the special spots with the camper. From the Prismatic Spring to Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin, and many more. The encounters with bears are also very impressive. We believe that spending at least 4 days in Yellowstone is essential. If you can spend more time, do so!

12. Experience Grand Teton

As you drive out of Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find yourself in the breathtaking Grand Teton. The nature here is truly overwhelming and definitely worth a visit! You can also go on beautiful hikes here.

14. Visit Flaming Gorge

15. Explore Moab

In Moab, we visit Arches National Park. Initially, Floris and Lotte weren’t too impressed with the pile of rocks, but after hearing a story about the cowboys and Indians that used to live here and experiencing the echo, they loved it!

17. Discover Saint George

18. Experience Las Vegas

If we can, we visit Las Vegas! We stay at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, a perfect accommodation for families. Both the kids and us have the time of our lives in Vegas: tubing on the lazy river of Mandalay Bay, taking pictures with the famous Disney characters on the strip, watching the Bellagio Hotel fountain show in awe, riding the gondolas in the Venetian Resort, enjoying the circus act in Circus Circus hotel, and to top it all off, a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Vegas, we love you!

22. Departure: Las Vegas

Route 3 a 3-Week Camper Holiday Across the Diverse East Coast of the USA

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After experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the west and central America, we were slightly apprehensive about our east-coast trip. What could the east coast possibly offer, right? Despite our doubts, we decided to explore the east coast with a camper, and to our delight, we were pleasantly surprised! Florida, it turns out, has more to offer than just bustling amusement parks and overcrowded cities. So, what exactly did we discover? Let’s dive in:

Day 1 and day 2 – Cape Canaveral

Upon picking up the camper, we drove straight to the campsite nearest to the Kennedy Space Center. Although we weren’t thrilled about driving this far on the first day, we had already done all of our shopping at 05:00 (thanks to jetlag and Walmart’s 24/7 opening hours), so we decided to push through.

The Kennedy Space Center is a must-visit destination, especially for kids. If you’re a space enthusiast, try to plan your trip around a launch for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Day 3 and day 4 – Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a beautiful, decadent city and a great stop en route to Miami. Look for a campsite outside the city with a pool for a relaxing day.

Day 5 till day 7 – Miami

Miami is a city that deserves a second chance. Despite a less than impressive first visit, a return trip proved to be a delight. The city offers beautiful white beaches, delicious food, stunning art-deco buildings, and a vibrant atmosphere. The campsite in Miami is a 45-minute drive from the city, but it doesn’t dampen the fun. Miami also has plenty to offer for kids, making it a destination where you can easily spend a few days.

Day 8 till day 11 – Key West

After leaving Miami, drive straight to the southernmost point of the Keys: Key West! The KOA campsite is fantastic, offering a large playground, private beach, pool, and the option to rent bikes and go-karts. Spend several days enjoying the beautiful views, exploring the underwater world from a glass-bottom boat, touring the city on a hop-on-hop-off trolley, and indulging in the delicious food and famous Key Lime Pie.

Day 12 and 13 – Everglades National Park

From island life, move on to the land of the crocodiles: The Everglades! Take a special air-boat trip to admire the beautiful landscape and the enormous crocodiles. It’s an impressive sight!

Day 14 till day 18 – Sanibel Island

The absolute gem of the trip is Sanibel Island. Initially planned as a one-day stop, it turned into a four-day stay. Sanibel is a small island that you can easily explore by bike. Cycle from beach to beach, where kids can search for beautiful seashells. You can also spot manatees, dolphins, and unique birds. While Key West is rather touristy, Sanibel Island offers a more relaxed vibe with plenty to do for kids.

Day 19 untill day 21 – Orlando and immerse in the Magic of Disney World

Orlando is the final stop on this journey. Known for its theme parks, it’s a city that promises fun and excitement for the whole family.

For those of us with little Disney fans, a visit to Disney World is a must. We set up camp at a genuine Disney campsite and immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of Mickey, Goofy, and Elsa for three magical days.

Day 22 – Departure: Orlando

Top Itineraries for a 3-Week Camper Holiday in the USA

These are our top itineraries for a 3-week camper holiday in the USA. Each one is unique, offering a different experience, but all promise lots of fun for the whole family.

For route planning, we always use this RV route planner by Tioga Tours.


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