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Yellowstone with kids

After an unexpected long drive, we reached Yellowstone National Park yesterday. I believe this is going to be the highlight of our USA trip: Yellowstone with kids! The night is cold, really cold!!! I even see little “clouds” coming from my mouth when breathing. In the morning its all sunny and warm again, perfect for […]

Grand Teton with kids: Bye Yellowstone

Today our amazing Yellowstone with kids adventure ends, but our new Grand Teton with kids adventure starts! We leave for Grand Teton today, it should be a beautiful national park as well. We will be driving about 3 hours (with some stops ) through Yellowstone, before we reach Grand Tetons gates. These two parks are quite […]

Holiday to Canada with kids: yes or no?

Spotting bears and whales from your rubber boat. Cycling through Vancouver surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glittering lakes. When you travel with children there are things you need to take into account before choosing your destination. We discovered Canada with kids as an adventurous family holiday and discovered: Canada has it all! Canada has it […]