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Experience the Adventure of Canada with Kids

Spotting bears and whales from your rubber boat. Cycling through Vancouver surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glittering lakes. When you travel with children there are things you need to take into account before choosing your destination. We discovered Canada with kids as an adventurous family holiday and discovered: Canada has it all!

Why Choose Canada for Your Family Holiday?

Our summer holiday is the time to travel, a time when you have longer than two weeks to go somewhere. Canada is definitely a destination where three weeks is needed. The summer is a perfect season for a trip to Canada with kids. During the day the temperature is between 15 – 22 degrees, the woods are lush and green, rivers and lakes fresh and crystal clear; not to forget the long, light days. We were outside every day, wonderful!

Traveling in Canada: What to Expect

Three weeks is not a bad length of time for a trip to Canada. You can keep the travelling down to a reasonable distance each day, because Canada is big. You can travel in your own rented car and stop along the way for a picnic or take a dip in an inviting lake that is calling out to you. We bought a football and cool box in Vancouver. Cold drinks at the ready and the ability to stretch those legs on a green patch of grass and release your energy.

Family-friendly Dining in Canada

How should we eat in the evenings? Three weeks of eating out with children? The sweat broke on my brow thinking about it. Especially when they’re tired from being outdoors all day. The Canadians have a solution, most accommodation has its own little kitchen. On our way home we shopped at the Wallmart where they have everything! You can cook what you fancy. Or go camping for a night and roast marshmallows over a campfire. Of course on occasions we ate out but only when we felt like it. They have a children’s menu and high chair in most restaurants.

Outdoor Activities in Canada

Outside life is what it’s all about in Canada. Short walks to a waterfall and a blue shimmering lake and what about cycling through Vancouver and cooling down at the water park in Stanley Park. On the Sunshine coast we went in search of treasure in our canoe and on Vancouver Island in search of whales and bears. We found the Icefields Parkway the most beautiful route. It was there that we went sailing and, though summer, the next moment were throwing snowballs.

Plan Your Trip to Canada with Kids Now!

Enthusiastic? Want to book your trip to Canada with kids? This is the perfect moment! In 2017 it’s Canada’s 150th Confederation anniversary. Canada invites the whole world to come and admire their national parks free of charge. This is only in 2017 and includes all parks from Jasper NP to Banff NP. You can see them all (free of charge). That will save each family 136 dollars.

The above tips are from Canadakids, a part of Riksjakids. Together with Marloes and Linda, both of whom are mothers, you have the ability to put your own trip together. They know the country inside out and are very willing to help. Looking for more Canada tips? Check out this: Best tourist spots in Canada!

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