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Kids Love Travel: family friendly holiday parks in the Netherlands

Nice, family friendly holiday parks in the Netherlands; these are our favorites!

I love travelling, preferably as often and as far as possible! I thought I wasn't really a "holiday park person", but the opposite turns out to be...

Kids Love Travel: family friendly hotels in the Netherlands

Family friendly hotels in the Netherlands, our recommendations!

This year could be the year in which millions of Dutch people choose to have a holiday in their own country. And let's be honest, our little frog...

Kids Love Travel: kindvriendelijke campings in Nederland

We bought a camper, time to go test-camping a weekend!

Yes! We bought a camper. A large, red hippie van! But, I thought you liked to travel long distances? That’s true!! The plan is to discover more of...

Kids Love Travel: review Loonsche Land

Review Loonsche Land Efteling

We spent a lovely weekend in the new holiday park of Efteling: Loonsche Land. Quickly read my review Loonsche Land below to find out what I think of...

Kids Love Travel: Efteling with kids

A weekend of Efteling with kids: Loonsche Land!

When I wake up Friday morning I can already hear the Efteling tune ‘Carnival Festival’ coming from Floris’ room… That’s right, it’s time...

Kids Love Travel: child frienly hotel

Are you looking for a child friendly hotel in Europe? Check Kids Love Travel’s TOP 10

Before we had kids we would decide on a Thursday evening it might be fun to spend the weekend in Paris. We’d open up the laptop, book a hotel and...

Kids Love Travel: 10 Tips for a day sway in the Netherlands

Top 10: Day out with the kids during the christmas holidays

If it were up to me I would go travelling every school holiday but unfortunately… I don’t have enough days off work and, oh that’s right, not...

Magical weekend in theme park “De Efteling”

We love to travel the world with our kids, but let's be honest, you can't explore the world all year round. Therefore we planned a family weekend in...

Kids Love Travel: Top 5 Efteling attractions with little kids

TOP 5 “Efteling” attractions with little kids

If you are visiting Europe with kids, there is definitely one theme park that should be high on your to do list: "De Efteling" in the Netherlands....