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Review Loonsche Land Efteling

We spent a lovely weekend in the new holiday park of EftelingLoonsche Land. Quickly read my review Loonsche Land below to find out what I think of it.

The park

The holiday park is located right in the middle of the Loonse Dunes. As you enter the park your attention is immediately drawn to the large building that has a huge set of antlers mounted to it. This is the main building where you will find the hotel rooms, the restaurant and the reception. In the park itself you will find lots of water and light colored sand. The differently shaped cabins are spread out nicely, giving you enough privacy.

There is loads to do for kids. There’s a playground located at the main building, a large watch tower, a children’s farm with a slide and multiple water themed obstacle courses. It’s either a 15 minute walk to the Efteling following the signs through the woods or you just hop on the little train that leaves in the morning and evening between Loonsche Land and Efteling. You can have breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner in the restaurant and you can even order delicious freshly baked buns to be delivered to your cabin in the morning if you want.

Our cabin

The four of us are staying in a cabin for six. The cabins are a real treat with a cozy pointy roof. Our cabin is situated perfectly, right next to the lake and an obstacle course and just in front of the children’s farm. The cabin has a terrace with a log shaped table and stools, completely in the style of the park. You open the door with a card and immediately experience a spacious feeling when you step inside. You can look all the way up to the ridge of the roof. The cabin has everything one could need: a TV, a dishwasher, a fridge and a microwave/oven. The kitchen lacks a bit of space for groceries but this is quickly solved if you organize the pans on one shelf instead of two.


There’s a bedroom with a bunkbed and two single beds and another bedroom with just two single beds. The kids choose the first bedroom of course. Flo wants to go on top of the bunkbed and because Lotte tends to roll around in her sleep we’re quite happy to lay her safely in the cot in the corner of the room. Neither bedroom has a wardrobe but they do have a coatrack with clothes hangers. As most people won’t be spending longer than a weekend anyway this seems to be an acceptable solution.


There’s a separate toilet and bathroom. The bathroom comes with a washbasin, plank, heating and a shower. This shower is large enough and has glass doors. The showerhead has multiple settings so you can enjoy a lovely hot shower after a long day in the Efteling.

Overall review Loonsche Land

With a 15 minute walk or taking the small train, the park lies at an ideal distance to the Efteling. The cabins are situated nicely and come well provided. I do have my doubts about staying in a 6-person cabin with 6 people. One of the bedrooms would have to be occupied by 4 people and you may not have enough place to sit in the living room.  All in all the Loonsche Land is a lovely place to stay when you’re visiting the Efteling.

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