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Make Your Holiday Start at Schiphol Airport

Does your holiday start when you reach your destination, or does it begin sooner? For us, the holiday kicks off as soon as we lock our front door! Our kids, Floris and Lotte, absolutely love Schiphol Airport. We’ve even made a few trips there when we weren’t even going on a vacation. There’s plenty to keep the kids entertained before customs, but did you know there’s also a wealth of fun activities for the little ones after customs? To ensure your holiday starts at the airport this year, we’ve compiled a list of things to do at Schiphol with kids:

1. Let Your Kids Become Little Scientists at NEMO

NEMO? Isn’t that a large science museum in Amsterdam? Yes, that’s correct! They also have a branch at Schiphol Airport on the “Holland Boulevard” between lounges 2 and 3. Floris and Lotte can climb or conduct small “lab tests”. We sat back and enjoyed the moment, watching the kids blow off steam. In my opinion, this is a big hit at Schiphol for kids.

2. Hug it Out with Huge Stuffed Animals

You’ll find gigantic stuffed animals at the Holland Boulevard too. I don’t know about your kids, but Floris and Lotte absolutely adore stuffed animals (we have a lot of them at home, perhaps a bit too many). The kids can clamber, horse around, and of course, hug the absolutely ENORMOUS stuffed animals.

3. Satisfy Your Hunger with Fries and Burgers

While not the healthiest option, a quick stop at McDonald’s before a long flight can ensure your kids have full stomachs for a good sleep on the plane. Plus, a Happy Meal provides a small toy for in-flight entertainment. You can find McDonald’s on the first floor in the food court of Lounge 2 and also in Lounge 3.

4. Let Your Kids Explore a Real Plane

In Lounge 2 on the first floor, next to the food court, there’s a climbing frame shaped like a real airplane. This is a great spot for kids to expend some energy before being confined to a plane for several hours.

5. Discover the World of M&M’s

Although it might not be the best idea to load your kids up with sugar before a flight, a visit to the M&M Shop can be a fun experience. It’s a colorful spectacle filled with M&M’s everywhere you look. If your kids are old enough, consider buying a small treat for them to enjoy upon arrival at your destination.

There’s plenty to do at Schiphol for both kids and adults. For instance, you could visit the first “Starbucks Evenings” at an airport in Europe, located on the balcony of Lounge 2. Here, you can order a lovely macchiato and a set of small side dishes. If you prefer to relax before a flight, check if a spot is available in one of the “hidden relax areas” behind the store wall of NL+, House of Tulips, the Amsterdam Bread Company, or behind the Starbucks in Lounge 2.

Schiphol Airport offers enough facilities to ensure your holiday starts before you board the plane. It’s always nice when both you and the kids can enjoy your flight in a relaxed state of mind.


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