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Embarking on a Family Adventure: Travelling with Kids in the USA

Off we go again! Another amazing day travelling with kids in the USA. After our elk encounter this morning we leave for Moab. Initially we had planned to drive to Flaming Gorge, but after seeing photos of Arches National Park, near Moab, we decided to spend an extra night in Moab to visit this park. As the drive is 9:30 hours we expect to drive 2 to 3 days.

Adapting to Long Drives

I am amazed to see how fast the kids adapt to the “long” drives. When we tell them we are driving for a while again, they instantly relax and we don’t hear them for about two hours. After those 2 hours it’s Floris most of the time, who starts complaining about a sore bum. Therefore we usually have a little break after 2 hours. For our “bus driver” Kevin the breaks are very welcome as well.

Stopping at Family Dollar

This time we stop at Family Dollar, a store that sells food, clothing and toys, all fairly cheap. We buy two mini camping chairs for the kids. One has Minnie and the other has Mickey Mouse on it, the kids love them! As they sell toys as well, you don’t have to take it with you from home. Buying it here saves you some space.

Choosing the Right RV Park

We start driving again. As we haven’t booked a camping for tonight, something we now always do after our “Cody” experience, I search the camping guide for a RV park. We choose one right next to the highway in Coalville, luckily they have room for tonight. We light up the bbq, put some chicken legs on it, put the chairs in front of the RV and are ready to relax after a long day of driving. I am very happy to notice the temperature is rising quickly again.

Enjoying the Changing Landscape

We all sleep till 09:15AM the next morning, enjoy our breakfast in the sun and drive off at 11:00AM. The landscape is changing rapidly. Where we use to see snowy mountain peaks, we see red rocks now. We made a reservation at KOA Moab. It has a pool, playground and even a game room, perfect for the kids. The soil is red and sandy, I mentally prepare myself for 2 days with lots of red sand in the RV and probably in all our beds as well.

Relaxing at KOA Moab

After parking the RV we jump into the pool straight away, it’s heaven to cool off in the pool after a long day of driving.

Looking Forward to Arches National Park

Tomorrow we will be visiting Arches National Park, I am so excited! All these beautiful National Parks make travelling with kids in the USA even more amazing.

Tips & Tricks for Travelling with Kids in the USA

  • When travelling with kids in Moab, choose  KOA Moab, with their pool, playground and game room is perfect for a stay with kids
  • Don’t bring too much toys with you. You can buy them cheap at, for example, Dollar Family

Enjoying their new chairs

On the road

Gas station at Moab crossing

Mirror view

Picture moment during one of the stops

and there is more..



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