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Exploring South Africa: A Family Adventure

Our guest bloggers, Ivar, Joan, and their three-year-old daughter Lise, share their exciting journey through South Africa. Their trip begins and ends in Cape Town, and they’re here to share the highlights of their adventure, along with their best tips and tricks for travelling South Africa with kids.

From Addo Elephant Park to the Wine Route

After reaching the breathtaking Addo Elephant Park at the end of the Garden Route, we head back towards Cape Town. We bid farewell to the stunning coastline before driving inland to explore the Wine Route. The solitude of the journey is remarkable, with several hours passing without seeing another soul. As we approach Oudtshoorn, we start to see more and more ostriches, a common sight in a town known for its ostrich farms.

Unique Accommodation: A Tree House in Oudtshoorn

We booked a special accommodation for the night: a tree house. This charming little house offers a beautiful view from up in the trees. We receive a warm welcome at check-in, and Lise quickly befriends Ginger, the house cat. The resort also features a pool, which Lise is eager to try, despite the chilly water. After a quick, cold dip, we do some grocery shopping before heading to Buffelsdrift, a private park nearby. We’re fortunate to be able to book a jeep tour that accommodates Lise, so we secure a spot for the following day.

Wilgenwandel Playground and Buffelsdrift Jeep Safari

After breakfast the next morning, we drive to Wilgenwandel, a large playground just outside of Oudtshoorn. Despite its age, the playground offers a magnificent view from the swings. In addition to swings, there are climbing frames, a trampoline, and animals. While Lise enjoys herself, we relax with a drink in the sun, taking in the calming view of Swart Berg. In the afternoon, we head to Buffelsdrift for our jeep safari. The experience is incredible, with our first sighting of wild giraffes. Lise is so captivated that she can’t decide where to look. Even though she doesn’t understand the English-speaking guide, she is completely focused on his narration. After our giraffe encounter, we spot a white rhino. The jeep tour takes us through the park, bouncing along the rocky roads – the bumpier the ride, the harder Lise laughs.

Dinner at Buffelsdrift and Child-Friendly South Africa

After our exciting safari, we enjoy dinner at the Buffelsdrift restaurant. We watch the hippopotamuses in their pool while we eat. The restaurant, like most in South Africa, is very child-friendly. Upon entering, Lise is given paper and markers. We’re pleasantly surprised by the child-friendliness of the restaurants – 9 out of 10 have a playground, markers, or something else for kids to enjoy. As the evening falls, we see elephants strolling by… What an amazing day! Travelling South Africa with kids is truly an unforgettable experience.

Tips & Tricks for Travelling South Africa with Kids

  • When in Oudtshoorn, sleep in a tree house for a unique view.
  • Visit Buffelsdrift to view the wildlife and enjoy dinner at their child-friendly restaurant.
  • Book a jeep safari in Buffelsdrift for an unforgettable adventure.
  • Visit the Wilgenwandel playground in Oudtshoorn.

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