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What are the most fun destinations for RVing with young children?

RVing with young children is ideal if you want to see a lot on your travels. You take your “little house” everywhere with you, offering the same bed for your children each evening, where your bags only need to be unpacked and packed once and where you always have a toilet, a drink or a snack at hand. But what are the most fun destinations for RVing with young children? This is my top 10.


Top 10 most fun destinations for RVing with young children 


1# America

Of course the USA is number 1 on my list! I think Mid-America (especially Yellowstone National Park) is the most beautiful part of the USA. If you ask the kids which holiday in America they liked the best they would probably say Florida. But that may have something to do with the presence of the world’s largest Disney Park.


2# Australia

We’ve cruised through Australia twice, the east coast once and the west coast the second time. Both times without kids and oh my, would I like to go back with kids. Australia is a great destination for RVing with young children. The climate is lovely, it’s very hygienic and there’s loads of beautiful stuff to see and do. It’s great fun for the kids to spot koalas and kangaroos or to sleep in the outback under the most amazing starry sky you’ll ever see.


3# South-Africa

If your kids like wild animals, South-Africa is the best destination! The largest part is malaria-free so you don’t have to take malaria pills into account either. You can explore South-Africa by car of course but you’re really “into” nature when you go by camper.


4# New-Zealand

If you enjoy overwhelming nature, New-Zealand should be right up there on your bucket list! And, as it turns out, New-Zealand is very camper friendly too. Lonneke and her family have discovered New-Zealand by camper and are very enthusiastic about it!


5# Argentina

This country is high on my bucket list for RVing with young children. I would especially love to see Patagonia in real life too. Argentina doesn’t have a big “camper scene” yet so this means there are less campsites and the ones that are there are pretty basic.

Now for a camper destination for the more adventurous traveler…


6# Norway

Close to home and overwhelming nature, that’s Norway! Because you’re closer to home you don’t have to buy expensive plane tickets. True, Norway isn’t the cheapest of countries but by saving on your plane tickets this is a destination that might still be affordable even during the more expensive school holidays.

7# Canada

A wonderful destination for RVing with young children: Canada!! If you like overwhelming nature, Canada, with its exceptionally beautiful nature parks should definitely be on your bucket list! It’s up there on mine, that’s for sure!


8# Japan

A bit of a strange one on the list but more and more tour operators are offering Japan as destination for camper trips. Japan is a highly developed country and totally set for children. You’ll also get to see a lot of old traditions next to high-tech and super modern developments, which will make your visit extra special!


9# Finland

The land of the thousand lakes! Finland is relatively close too. You can rent a camper on the spot or rent one in the Netherlands and just drive up there. In Finland (and Sweden and Norway) there is a rule which is called “everyone’s right”. Which means for instance, you can stand or camp anywhere (even on someone else’s property) for 24 hours. If you want to stay any longer you need to ask the owner’s permission.


10# Sweden

Last but certainly not least, Sweden definitely needs to be on this list of RVing with young children. In Sweden (like the other Scandinavian countries) it’s also permitted to camp wherever you like. So when you’re having your lunch at a nice lake and the kids are having so much fun in the water they don’t want to leave, that’s no problem! Just stay there the night. Doesn’t that give you a great sense of freedom?


Which Camper destinations are on your list? I’m really curious!


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