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Travelling with a toddler? Sure, go for it!

Nothing is more fun than travelling with a toddler. You see the world through their eyes, you’re in contact with the locals in a different way and the questions your child asks are honest and pure. Ok, maybe it’s easier to travel with kids that are a little older but travelling with a toddler is definitely doable. Where to go? You’ll find tips from the travel-moms of RiksjaKids below. They’ve travelled a lot with their children and know exactly what the most fun destinations are.

Travelling with a toddler? These are the BEST destinations

#1 Thailand

The land of smiles. Thailand has everything. From temples to hill tribes, from overwhelming nature to buzzing Bangkok and from tropical rain forests to (deserted) idyllic beaches. Great fun! You can make your trip as active or as easy going as you like and if you want to travel faster just catch a bus, the night train, an air-conditioned minivan or the plane. Just as easy. We think Bangkok is best discovered by bike. So what about gentle sloping beaches? To visit these you can best travel to Ko Lanta or Bo Phut Beach on Ko Samui. What makes travelling to Thailand even better is that you can fly directly from Amsterdam to Bangkok without having to transfer.

Kids Love Travel: travelling with a toddler

#2 South-Africa

If you think of South-Africa, you immediately think of safari. Is that even possible with a toddler? Sure! One of the benefits of South-Africa is that you can travel around freely in your own rented car. That way you can determine your own pace. Your toddler can take naps while you drive to your next destination. The best thing of having your own car is that you’re even allowed to cruise through parks like Kruger Park all by yourself. You’ll never forget the moment your toddler spots the first elephant! What about malaria? The South of Africa is Malaria-free so you don’t need to worry. And finally, the travel distances are short so this truly is an ideal destination for travelling with a toddler.

Kids Love Travel: travelling with a toddler

#3 Canada

The land of pure nature: snowy mountaintops, glacier lakes and brown bears. Canada is a safe and modern country and has an excellent road network. Driving on your own is no problem and the distances are doable. You can spend the night in a cabin or lodge, often with multiple bedrooms and your own kitchen. That way you won’t need to find a restaurant each evening which could be handy. If you go during our summer months the temperatures are nice and warm. Which makes a good excuse for you to cool off in the occasional nearby and refreshing lake or pool.

Kids Love Travel: reizen met een peuter

#4 Bali

When you think of Bali, you think of rice fields, coral beaches, colourful offerings and temples. Ok, you might need to fly a bit, but once you get to Bali it’s good to know the travel distances are short. What makes it even more ideal is that you can travel around with a chauffeur. He’ll pick you up from your resort and take you to another one. Are you more of a dare devil? Act like the Balinese and rent a scooter. Put your helmet and protective clothing on and off you go. Or you could go cycling through the rice fields (helping with the harvest) and making your own offerings, which is at least as nice.

Kids Love Travel: travelling with a toddler

#5 Mexico

Who doesn’t like a Caribbean atmosphere? In Mexico you’ll find lengthy stretches of sandy beaches fringed by green palm trees, the jungle and old Mayan-temples. You can make your travels as adventurous or as easy going as you like. Perhaps you might have travelled in a Beatle in the past, travelling in a more family-sized vehicle might be more practical with a toddler, preferably with air-conditioning. Because the travel distances are relatively short you can see lots in a short period of time. And after you’ve finished travelling? How about snorkelling with sea turtles in Akumal or enjoying the typical laid-back attitude of Isla Mujeres with its snowy white beaches and the azure-blue sea.

Kids Love Travel: travelling with a toddler

#6 Morocco

When it comes to flying short distances Morocco is #1: it’s just a four hour flight from the Netherlands. And you won’t be bothered by jetlag even though you feel like you’re half way around the world. This is because the moment you land you’ll find yourself in the middle of Aladdin’s 1001-nights fairy-tale. Sleeping under the stars in the Sahara desert? Check. Wandering through the souqs of ancient cities? Check. Spending the night in small palaces? Check. Morocco has it all. The climate is pleasant and you can drive around in your own car here too. Your toddler (and you) will love this place.

6 wonderful destinations to choose from when you’re thinking of travelling with a toddler. Where do you want to go?

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